Weekend Reads: Viennese nuclear discussions with the Iran continued

International Nuclear Agreement: Iran is interested in the quick conclusion of the nuclear negotiations

 International Nuclear Agreement: Iran is interested in the quick conclusion of the nuclear negotiations After the agreement under Donald Trump has been terminated, the West tries to renew. Iran speaks for a rapid conclusion. © Photo: Mohammad Berno/Iranian President's Office/AP/dpa Hassan Ruhani, former President of Iran, visits the Buschehr nuclear power plant. Iran said that the EU proposal of the EU to save the International Nuclear Agreement from 2015.

Ziel is a rescue of the international nuclear agreement with Tehran. But the US negotiator already said: "Our expectations are limited."

Irans Interessen vertritt Chefunterhändler Ali Bagheri © Askin Kiyagan/AA/Picture Alliance Iran's interests, chief negotiator Ali Bagheri

After months of standstill, the negotiations on the Nuclear Agreement have been resumed with the Iran . Under the leadership of the EU coordinator Enrique Mora, the contracting parties were delegated in Vienna in order to revive the 2015 agreement.

On the first official date since March, bilateral meetings initially took place in the Palais Coburg, a luxury hotel. EU coordinator Mora received the Russian ambassador Mikhail Uljanow, then the Chinese representative Wang Qun and finally the Iranian chief negotiator Ali Bagheri. There was also a separate meeting between Iranians and Russians, which traditionally be close to the conversations.

Iran arrested Bahai supporters

 Iran arrested Bahai supporters The Iranian Ministry of Secret Service accuses them of spying on Israel. In addition, in kindergartens and schools, they would have operated mission work for the forbidden Bahai religion. © Getty Images/D.Silverman The world center of the Bahai in Israeli Haifa The Iranian secret service announced that several members of the Bahai religion group were arrested for alleged espionage for Israel. Secret service staff had "arrested the central core of the Bahai espionage party".


"Our expectations are limited," US negotiator Robert Malley had previously explained on Twitter. However, the United States welcomed the EU initiative and are ready to attempt to get an agreement.

Zähe Gespräche mit Bilderbuchkulisse: Verhandelt wird im noblen Palais Coburg in Wien © Alex Halada/AFP/Getty Images Zehe Talks with a picture book backdrop: The negotiations in the noble Palais Coburg in Vienna

Last week, the EU foreign commissioner Josep Borrell had submitted a compromise draft to the participants to accept it to "one to avoid dangerous atomic crisis ". Iran was then "optimistic" that a revival of the nuclear agreement could be achieved - combined with a cancellation of the US sanctions.

Video: Putin and Erdogan in Iran: This is the focus of the talks (SAT.1)

The clock is ticking. According to information from the German Press Agency Weeks made: To save the agreement, these would have to be reversed.

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According to diplomats, the

Iran will soon have that amount of highly enclosed urans that are required for further processing for a nuclear weapon. An enrichment to around 90 percent is required for the construction of nuclear weapons. A limit of 3.4 percent is set in the international nuclear agreement. The head of the Iranian nuclear program, Mohammed Eslami, claimed on Monday that his country was already able to build an atomic bomb.

Legte einen Kompromissentwurf vor: der EU-Außenbeauftragte Josep Borrell (Archivbild) © Olivier Matthys/AP Photo/Picture Alliance presented a compromise design: EU foreign representative Josep Borrell (archive picture)

is still controversial whether the United States can pick up their classification of the mighty Iranian revolutionary guards as a terrorist organization and whether Washington guarantees, not To get out of the pact again.

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The 2015 International Nuclear Agreement is intended to ensure that the Islamic Republic does not get into the possession of nuclear weapons

. The United States, China, Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain and Iran had negotiated it. However, the United States had unilaterally got out of the contract under its then President Donald Trump, whereupon Tehran gradually released his obligations from the agreement. The United States and Iran only indirectly negotiate an EU broker in Vienna. In Qatar, too, indirect nuclear negotiations between the two sides took place at the end of June, which were ended after two days without breakthrough.

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War in Ukraine: New bombings towards the largest nuclear power plant in Europe .
supplied by Tribune The Zaporijia nuclear power plant is the largest in Europe. MAJ: article initially published at 9:42 am and updated at 5:47 pm on 08/14 with the declarations of the mayor of Energodar. Pressure around a possible nuclear disaster at the Zaporijia power plant, the largest in Europe and whose Russian forces took over on March 4, increases a little more. On Saturday, kyiv and Moscow again exchanged fire accusations on this nuclear power plant, targeted several times for a week.

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