Weekend Reads: Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron on vacation: their family dinner at Lavandou

Emmanuel Macron criticizes the Russian presence in Africa

 Emmanuel Macron criticizes the Russian presence in Africa The President of the Republic is currently traveling on the African continent. © supplied by Bang Showbiz Macron to Le Pen: "What is interesting to listen to you is the inconsistency of our conversation" Emmanuel Macron strongly denounced the Russian influence on the African continent during a visit in Cameroon. The President of the Republic, who currently tours the African contain, admitted that collaborations with Russia are "worrying" while the war in Ukraine rages.

Emmanuel et Brigitte Macron en vacances : leur dîner en famille au Lavandou © Niviere David/Abacapress.com Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron on vacation: their family dinner at Lavandou

The presidential couple created the surprise. Like every year, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron put their suitcases in the Brégançon Fort far from prying eyes. On Wednesday August 3, the presidential couple granted themselves a family outing around. The two spouses went to the restaurant Les Sirènes, located on the beach of Cavalière, at Lavandou, in the Var. The president was then able to take advantage of a family moment since with his wife, they were surrounded by the latter's children.

A family dinner

According to the local newspaper " La Provence ", the owners of the premises were aware of this presidential visit because, each year, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron have gotten into the habit of coming to eat good little dishes . "We are not going to hide it, when we hold a restaurant, it's huge to receive the president and his family. This is quite unique, "said Maxence Zizzuto, the director of the restaurant, as reported by the newspaper" Var Matin ". The president and his wife were able to taste pizza and grilled fish, the specialties of the restaurant after the daily life.

Macron in Guinea-Bissau, an essential country ensuring the presidency of the Cédéao

 Macron in Guinea-Bissau, an essential country ensuring the presidency of the Cédéao © AFP-NIPAH Dennis The president of Guinea-Bissau, Umaro Sissoco Packo, just after being elected as president of the Cédéao during the 61st Ordinary session of the Economic Community of West African States (Cédéao) in Accra, Ghana, July 3, 2022. Emmanuel Macron is this July 28 in Guinea-Bissau. The French president realizes this Thursday the third and last stage of his African tour on Thursday after Cameroon and Benin. The Head of State will be caught with his counterpart Umaro Sissoco Pacheo.

ideally located, between Pointe du Layet and Cap Negre, the couple was also able to appreciate a magnificent view of the sea. But, this remarkable outing of the President of the Republic quickly spread among holidaymakers. So much so that some onlookers tried to see Emmanuel Macron and even take a picture. His bodyguards therefore ensured that nothing disturbs this family dinner. "It's a family and private meal, please respect this moment," they told the curious.

Once the dinner was finished, shortly after 11 p.m., Emmanuel Macron still took the time to greet passers -by before returned to his residence . "Good evening ladies," he said. At the exit of the restaurant, the couple appeared all smiles and hand in hand. The president had opted for a relaxed outfit with a polo shirt, navy blue canvas pants and sneakers. For his part, his wife had chosen an elegant fluid ensemble. According to the newspaper "Var morning", Emmanuel Macron had taken advantage of a canoe outing in the afternoon. The presidential couple therefore takes advantage of their vacation as much as possible to decompress.

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