Weekend Reads: United States. Biden's great climate reform return to the Senate

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  Climate change is hurting our mental health. These researchers want to help As climate change reaches into more aspects of our lives, it's taking a toll on our mental health. And scientists across Canada are trying to learn enough about climate anxiety to prevent and successfully treat it.In January, Card and a team of researchers at the Mental Health and Climate Change Alliance released a study that found the 2021 British Columbia heat dome sparked a 13 per cent increase in anxiety related to climate change among those living in that province.

Joe Biden va présenter son ambitieux plan climatique. © Evan Vucci/Pool via Reuters Joe Biden will present his ambitious climate plan.

A big boost for renewable, cheaper drugs and a corporate tax: here is what the great investment plan of Joe Biden, debated on Saturday August 6, 2022 at the US Congress.

After 18 months of negotiations, the outcome seems close: the US Congress will start examining a new version of the great social and climate reform of Joe Biden, which could finally offer a victory to the American president on Saturday.

"This bill will radically change the situation for American households and our economy" , promised the tenant of the White House, who came to power with immense ambitions of reform.

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This large plan - Fruit of many compromises with the right wing of his party - includes $ 370 billion to honor Joe Biden's very ambitious objectives on greenhouse gas emissions.

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Solar Energy

This investment, the largest ever seen in the United States in this field, is "Historical" , assured the president.

because if the United States is affected each year by deadly floods and devastating fires, the climate crisis is very low in the list of concerns of American households, far behind inflation or unemployment.

To ensure that these expenses win the support of the Americans, the Democrats have decided to touch them directly at the portfolio: part of these funds will be used to finance tax credits for producers and consumers of wind, solar energy, solar and nuclear.

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This money must also strengthen forest resilience to monster fires which ravage the American West and whose multiplication has been directly attributed to the global warming.

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cheaper drugs

The "Inflation Reduction Act" , as baptized, intends to tackle the exorbitant price like drugs Insulin and thus partially erase the immense inequalities in access to care in the United States.

"The anxiety of people who are not able to pay for drugs that could save their lives will be considerably lightened" , assured the chief of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer.

The great reform that will be debated in the Senate would require, among other things, pharmaceutical groups to offer discounts for certain drugs whose price increases faster than inflation.

Joe Biden's camp vehemently denounces the prohibitive cost of certain treatments, which can be up to ten times more expensive than in other rich countries.

In the United States, good news for the

 In the United States, good news for the climate The measures of the environmental component of the inflation plan is the most ambitious ever voted by American elected officials. The good news is rare sufficiently on the front of the fight against global warming so that we appreciate the content of the law that the Congress of the United States will definitively adopt and President Joe Biden Paper, can -Be from Friday August 12, after the decisive green light from the Senate.

An indignation, however far from being unanimously shared in the United States, where many think that responding to the vagaries of life is an individual provident affair whose state does not have to mingle.

Gallopping inflation

These investments, popular among Americans according to several polls, are indeed strongly denounced by the republican opposition, which accuses Joe Biden of throwing oil on the fire of inflation which beats records.

"We are going to do everything in our best to make this text fail" , promised the influential republican senator John Thune on Friday.

But their means of blocking are in fact limited: Democrats exceptionally only need their votes to adopt the text. The opposition should however try to slow down the legislative process by presenting amendments to the chain during the debates.

The bill should be submitted to the voting of senators early next week. After that, he will take the road to the House of Representatives, where the Joe Biden camp has a short majority.

The American president, who desperately needed a political success within 100 days of the perilous legislative elections of mid-term, urges the congress to adopt it without delay.

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