Weekend Reads: Sequisition of Villa Trump: a "witch hunt" for supporters of former president

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Mar-A-Lago, the famous Florida residence of Donald Trump was searched on Monday evening. The former American president says he is a victim of political persecution.

  Perquisition de la villa Trump : une © supplied by Franceinfo

to hear the governor of Florida, the United States is now "a banana republic". On Twitter, Ron de Santis evokes a "new escalation in the militarization of federal agencies". For the support of former American president Donald Trump, The search of his residence Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach in Florida is the illustration of a "witch hunt" towards the former head of state chief . Since Monday, August 8, in the evening, the Outreted reactions have multiplied among the Conservatives. The boss of deputies, Kevin McCarthy denounces an intolerable instrumentalization for political purposes. "This is what is happening in third world countries," add the Republicans of the Chamber's Judicial Commission.

point of view. Donald Trump, the return?

 point of view. Donald Trump, the return? © Mandel NGAN / AFP President Donald Trump on July 26 during a meeting in Washington. Former American president Donald Trump will anticipate his declaration of candidacy for the 2024 presidential election? Despite the accusations that increase against him as for his role in the riots of January 2021 in the Capitol, the former republican president seems ready to do anything to try to find the White House.

The Raid of Mal is Another Escalation in the Weaponization of Federal Agencies Against the Regime’s Political Opponents, While People Like Hunter Biden Get Treated With Kid Gloves. Now the Regime is Getting Another 87k Irs Agents to Wield Against Its opponents? Banana Republic.

- Ron Desantis (@RondesantiSfl) August 9, 2022

All make Donald Trump the victim of the system and the Democrats in power, like his son Eric Trump, on the Fox News channel. "It's madness! How many times can they scream at the wolf? The FBI has dragged this country in hell for three years and again they besiege his house? When will they cease? is too much. When will they leave a human being who gave his country so much the benefit of doubt? "

The former president referred to by several

Ivanka Trump courted by a famous sportsman? The big lie of Donald Trump

 Ivanka Trump courted by a famous sportsman? The big lie of Donald Trump © Zuma Press/Bestimage Ivanka Trump courted by a famous sportsman? Donald Trump 's big lie in his book Breaking History: A White House Memoir, Ivanka Trump's husband, Jared Kusher, says her first lunch with his future stepfather Donald Trump. A hearty meal in approximations and lies. Li is no longer a ready lie. It was this time about his daughter Ivanka that Donald Trump is accused of having used the "alternative facts" that he appreciates so much.

surveys This search in Mar-A-Lago is an exceptional operation, carried out with an arrest warrant obtained from a federal judge, within the framework of a very real procedure open against the 'ex-president. Donald Trump has indeed left the White House with of the documents, sometimes classified , instead of pouring them into the National Archives, as the law obliged it. The FBI has not made a comment for the moment, unlike Donald Trump, who spoke on the Truth Social network: "Our nation lives dark days. My magnificent residence is besieged and occupied by an important group FBI agents [...] they even forced my trunk! "

But it is not the only investigation that aims for the former president. First, the highly publicized hearings carried out at the start of the summer at the Congress around the riots of Capitol : the role of Donald Trump during this event was at the heart of the debates and testimonies. Until now, no prosecution has been engaged against the former head of state, but is not excluded .

Other procedures are also open in New York, one in a civilian and the other in criminal, about the tax manipulations of the Trump Organization. Finally, in Georgia, an investigation is underway, centered on the pressures exerted by Donald Trump after the last presidential election. During a phone call, he asked that he was "found" nearly 10,000 votes to overthrow the election. Particular accusations which could prove to be a brake on its ambitions for 2024.

Withdrawal from the pre-election defeat: Trump is the largest internal critic Liz Cheney Los .
The most important internal party critic of former US President Donald Trump, Liz Cheney , will no longer belong to the House of Representatives from January. The Republican admitted her defeat against her party -internal opponent Harriet Hageman on Wednesday night, who had been supported by Trump. © dpa Trump-Hers challenge Liz Cheney is subject to primary elections in Wyoming. Hageman will thus compete for the Republicans in the constituency in Wyoming in the congress elections in November.

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