Weekend Reads: Questioned by New York prosecutor, Trump invoked his right not to answer ... More than 400 times

By embracing Donald Trump, LIV Golf is branding itself as the MAGA Tour | Opinion

  By embracing Donald Trump, LIV Golf is branding itself as the MAGA Tour | Opinion After three events, LIV Golf players cannot possibly deny that their tour is being used to feed Donald Trump’s ego and his political ambitions. When the conversation was just about Saudi Arabia, it was easier to bury the hard truths about where the money comes from under an avalanche of whataboutisms and difficult-to-understand words like sportswashing. But for an American audience, the overwhelming Trump factor makes it much clearer what LIV is all about: For those who attend it, for those who play it, for those who want it to crush the PGA, there isn’t a single entity in all of sports as expressly political as LIV.

  Interrogé par la procureure de New York, Trump a invoqué son droit à ne pas répondre... plus de 400 fois © Copyright 2022, the Obs

Donald Trump invoked Wednesday, during his hearing under oath before The New York General Prosecutor, more than 440 times her right not to answer questions, under the 5th amendment to the American Constitution, report this Thursday, August 11, several media.

Should Trump be charged for the Capitol assault? The question that divides America

The former President of the United States was questioned for several hours on Wednesday in Manhattan in the offices of the highest magistrate in New York State, Letitia James, who has been in a civilian in 2019 on 2019 Suspicions of financial and tax fraud in the Trump Organization family group.

Federal court hears preliminary arguments in Emergencies Act legal challenge

  Federal court hears preliminary arguments in Emergencies Act legal challenge Arguing transparency over what they allege is needless secrecy, a Canadian civil rights organization took their fight for document disclosure surrounding February’s Emergencies Act invocation to court on Monday. Lawyers for the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) made their case in a Federal Court of Canada hearing Monday morning, seeking the release of unredacted documents and minutes of both cabinet and Incident Response Group (IRG) meetings leading up to the federal government’s decision in February to use the Emergencies Act to force an end to ongoing Freedom Convoy protests.

According to one of Donald Trump's lawyers, Ron Fischetti, quoted by NBC television, the only answer his client has been to give his name. A source close to the file told the channel that the 45th president had invoked the right to remain silent 440 times and not to answer questions from New York magistrates and investigators.

"Same answer"

according to the "Washington Post" , also relying an anonymous source given the confidentiality of hearing under oath, Donald Trump has refused more than 400 times to answer questions about his businesses, the valuation of its heritage and its debt. "The same answer"-that is to say the constitutional right not to respond-thus systematically declared Donald Trump according to the "Washington Post".

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  How to watch the 2022 Field of Dreams game between the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds The Chicago Cubs clash with the Cincinnati Reds in the 2022 Field of Dreams game in Dyersville, Iowa. Here's how you can watch.The MLB's Field of Dreams game is set for August 11. This year, it'll be the Chicago Cubs taking on the Cincinnati Reds. First pitch is slated for 6:15 p.m. CT that day.

When Donald Trump threw confidential papers in the White House toilet

contacted by AFP, neither the services of Letitia James, nor the lawyers for Donald Trump have so far been followed up.

"No one is above the laws"

Up to his arrival at the Letitia James office on Wednesday, the republican billionaire had announced in a press release that he would invoke the famous 5th amendment to the United States Constitution, which allows All justiable not to testify against yourself.

Why was Donald Trump's residence in Florida been searched by the FBI?

Letitia James, an elected prosecutor of the Democratic Party, had confirmed it in a very brief press release after his face-to-face with the businessman, assuring that she will "continue (t) (his) investigation" because "No one is above law" in the United States.

Withdrawal from the pre-election defeat: Trump is the largest internal critic Liz Cheney Los .
The most important internal party critic of former US President Donald Trump, Liz Cheney , will no longer belong to the House of Representatives from January. The Republican admitted her defeat against her party -internal opponent Harriet Hageman on Wednesday night, who had been supported by Trump. © dpa Trump-Hers challenge Liz Cheney is subject to primary elections in Wyoming. Hageman will thus compete for the Republicans in the constituency in Wyoming in the congress elections in November.

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