Weekend Reads: at least 100 dead in the sinking of a migrant boat off Syria

at least 89 migrants from Lebanon die drowned off Syria

 at least 89 migrants from Lebanon die drowned off Syria © supplied by Liberation one of the boats that left on Thursday at the rescue of migrants whose makeshift canoe capped off Syria. New drama in a Lebanon in full collapse. Leaving Minyeh on Tuesday, in the north of the country, at least 89 migrants died after the sinking of their makeshift canoe. The previous balance sheets reported 60 and then 71 dead.

  Au moins 100 morts dans le naufrage d’un bateau de migrants au large de la Syrie © Copyright 2022, the Obs

A new body has been drafted bringing the number of corpses recovered from the sinking Thursday, September 22 to 100, off the Syrian coast, a boat carrying migrants from neighboring Lebanon, according to the Syrian official media. The results, among the deadliest in the eastern Mediterranean, has been weighed several times since the discovery of the first bodies last Thursday, with only 20 survivors rescued on some 150 passengers.

Twenty-two Malian migrants died in a sinking off the Libyan coast

"The number of victims of the Lebanese boat has reached 100 people to date, a new body having been drafted," said the director general of Syrian ports Somer Kbrasli, quoted by the official Syrian news agency Sana. All the survivors left the hospital, said Sana.

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at least 10 drowned children

The people aboard the ship from the city of Tripoli (North), the poorest in Lebanon, were mostly Lebanese, the Syrians and the Palestinians, and included both children and seniors.

The sinking, that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi, deplored as "a new tragedy", aroused a keen stir in Lebanon. He called the international community to come to the aid to "improve the conditions of people forced to flee their country, as well as those of communities that welcome them".

Lebanon welcomes more than a million Syrian refugees who fled war in their country and has been sinking into a serious economic and financial crisis for three years. The country has been experiencing an increase in the number of migrants from Europe for 2020 in search of a better life, including the island of Cyprus, located 175 kilometers from the Lebanese coast.

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Diving into the genealogy and discovering that humanity is a large family of migrants

Ten children are among the victims of the last shipwreck, according to UNICEF. "Years of political instability and economic crisis in Lebanon have plunged many children and families into poverty, affecting their health, well-being and education," said UNICEF regional director for the Middle Orient and North Africa, Adele Khodr.

"The inhabitants of Lebanon live in disastrous conditions which affect everyone, but which are particularly serious for the most vulnerable people, especially refugees". According to the UN, at least 38 boats carrying more than 1,500 people left or tried to illegally leave Lebanon by sea, between January and November 2021.

Hurricane Ian left at least 62 deaths in Florida and North Carolina .
© Copyright 2022, the Obs The death toll of Hurricane Ian, who struck the south-east of the United States increased to at least 62 dead, the American authorities said on Sunday October 2. The Florida Legalist's committee on Sunday said that it had confirmed 58 deaths attributable to the hurricane, while the Governor of North Carolina said on Saturday that four people died because of Ian. The previous balance sheet in Florida was 44 dead.

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