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South Korea president Yoon seeks more Canada trade as China looms over Ottawa visit

  South Korea president Yoon seeks more Canada trade as China looms over Ottawa visit OTTAWA — South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol says Canada is a natural match for boosting the production of electric vehicles, as both countries try to contain the risk of a more aggressive China. On his one-day visit to Ottawa Friday, the president praised Canada's natural resources and research into artificial intelligence, saying they could complement his country's work in digital technology and semiconductors. "If we co-operate in this area, (Korea's) digital and data technology and Canada's A.I. technology can work together, I think, and in synergy,” Yoon said in Korean during a press conference on Parliament Hill.

Coreedu Missile/ (TV) missile shots: North Korea continues its

missile shots by Cynthia Kim

Seoul, October 1 (Reuters) - North Korea shot Saturday Two new, short-range ballistic missiles towards the sea of ​​its eastern coast, said the South Korean army.

This is the fourth launch in one week made by Pyongyang, force demonstrations that maintain tension in the Korean peninsula.

The shots took place after joint exercises in the fight anti-sous-marine of the South Korean, American and Japanese Marines on Friday, the first of this type in five years, and after the visit to the region in recent days of the vice -American president, Kamala Harris.

Japan: Death of the famous wrestler Antonio Inoki at the age of 79 (media)

 Japan: Death of the famous wrestler Antonio Inoki at the age of 79 (media) © Str The Japanese Catcher Flamboyant Antonio Inoki with Kim Yong-Nam, former president of the presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, August 30 2014 in North Korea a famous Japanese wrestler who became a parliamentary, Antonio Inoki, died Saturday at the age of 79, Japanese media reported on Saturday. The national television channel NHK said he died of a heart attack. From the top of its 1.90 meter, Antonio Inoki was one of the pioneers of mixed martial arts in his country.

The two short-range missiles were taken from Sunan, north of Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, said the South Korea Interarmes Staff in a press release.

He estimates that the missiles have a range of 350 kilometers, can rise at an altitude of 30 km and are able to reach a speed of Mach 6 (just over 7,300 km/h).

Japanese coast guards reported at least two North Korean ballistic missiles. Tokyo protested Pyongyang by official diplomatic channels, said Defense Minister Toshiro Ino.

The American military command for the Indo-Pacific Zone declared that it was informed of the shots by specifying that it has concluded that they did not constitute an immediate threat to the territories and staff of the United States, or for their allies.

North Korea has made missile fire before and after the visit of Kamala Harris in South Korea this week, as well as on the first try of an intercontinental missile since 2017.

X1 Seoul said he expected this That Pyongyang is soon to be a nuclear test, evoking the period from October 16 to November 7, between the Congress of the Chinese Communist Party and the mid-term elections in the United States. (Report Cynthia Kim and Chang-Ran Kim, with Josh Smith and Ju-Min Park, French version Marc Angrand) X1

North Korea: Crypto hacker pumping money in the nuclear weapons program .
A new report orders North Korea as a "crypto superpower" and warns of the dangers that arise from it. The triggers were curious interviews that belong to the stitch. © Shutterstock.com government building on the central square of Kim Il-Sung in Pyongyang. North Korea steals billions of cryptocurrencies and thus finances its nuclear weapons program and espionage actions. This thesis underpins a now article by CNET with facts and statements .

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