Weekend Reads: War in Ukraine: Kherson evacuated and Russia, touched by explosions, strengthens its border

Ukraine: The city of Kherson strives to restore electricity and water

 Ukraine: The city of Kherson strives to restore electricity and water by Jonathan Landay Kherson, Ukraine (Reuters) - Kherson public service companies are trying to restore the essential infrastructure damaged and undermined after The departure of the Russian forces, most of the households in this city in southern Ukraine are still deprived of electricity and water, regional officials said on Sunday.

"20 minutes" takes stock for you every evening on the progress of the conflict in Ukraine

Des Ukrainiens montent à bord du train Kherson-Kiev à la gare de Kherson, dans le sud de l'Ukraine, le lundi 21 novembre 2022. © Bernat Armangue/AP/SIPA Ukrainians climb aboard the Kherson -Kiev train at Kherson station in the south of Ukraine, Monday, November 21, 2022. Récap ' - "20 minutes" takes stock of you every night on advance From the conflict in Ukraine

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The news of the day

Kherson was released from the Russian occupation . However, this Tuesday, the vice-premier Ukrainian minister Iryna Verechtchouk called on the inhabitants of Kherson to "evacuate for the winter towards safer regions of the country". On Telegram, the Vice-Prime Minister Ukrainian indicates that the government offers free evacuations to "Kryvy Rih, Mykolaïv and Odessa ".

Liberated, the Ukrainian city of Kherson now under the shells of the Russians

 Liberated, the Ukrainian city of Kherson now under the shells of the Russians © AFP A near that the Russian army, just rejected on the other side of the river, has crossed the industrial zone and burnt down an oil depot not Far from their Kherson building, in the south of the Ukraine , Iouri Mosolov and his wife decided that it was time to leave. They loaded the bags in their canoe on the edge of the Dniepr, and went down the river to their summer datcha, where they hope to escape the fights and bombings that now strike Kherson.

are affected as a priority women, children and the elderly. The World Health Organization on Monday warned against a winter "threatening the life" of millions of people in Ukraine and Kherson's infrastructure was particularly damaged.

The phrase of the Dangerous Rhetorical Day raises nuclear tensions "

This is a declaration by Antonio Guterres, the secretary general of the UN , during an international meeting in Morocco devoted to" dialogue of civilizations ”. Western countries accuse Moscow of brandishing the threat of an atomic war in order to dissuade them from supporting Ukraine.

The figure of the day

119. is the number of Iskander missiles that Russia still has in stock according to the Minister of Defense Ukrainian. At the start of the war, Moscow had 900 copies of these short and medium -range ballistic missiles, sometimes used for tactical strikes.

War in Ukraine: The "same atrocities" were committed in Kherson as elsewhere in the country

 War in Ukraine: The © Genya Savilov The Ukrainian President indicated that 400 crimes had been listed without specifying if they only concerned the region of Kherson or the whole country.

The trend of day

of explosions killed three people in the Russian region of Belgorod, border of Ukraine, announced Tuesday the governor of this territory regularly struck by fire and where fortifications are under construction. On Telegram, Governor Viatcheslav Gladkov said a woman had died after suffering a head trauma during a bombing in Chebekino, a city located eight kilometers from Ukraine.

According to the same source, two people were killed in the explosion "of an ammunition of an unidentified type" in the village of Stosselié, border of Ukraine and where the state of emergency has been in force since On October 27, according to the governor. Localities and infrastructure in the region very frequently undergo fire, often fatal, attributed by Moscow to the Ukrainian army.

Our file on Ukraine

The regional capital, also named Belgorod, was hit directly on several occasions. So that the governor said on Monday that a line of fortifications was under construction at the border, without specifying the length or its location.

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