Weekend Reads: Mr. Trump criticizes the United States Supreme Court after rejection of his appeal to avoid the publication of his income statements.

US election 2024: Mike Pence is in position-Donald Trump runs?

 US election 2024: Mike Pence is in position-Donald Trump runs? The former US Vice President Mike Pence is considering a candidacy for the executive chair in the White House and is also ready to compete against his former companion Donald Trump . Ultimately, the American people had to decide whether Trump could be president again, Pence said in an interview on the TV station ABC on Monday (local time). But he thinks that there will be better alternatives in the future.

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The US President Donald Trump attacked the United States Supreme Court, who Rejected on Tuesday its appeal to prevent the internal in return for a statement to communicate its income declarations to a commission of the House of Representatives.

"Why would someone be surprised for the Supreme Court to have spoken out against me?" Asked the former president with his profile on Truth Social, the social network he himself has Promoted after being excluded from Twitter and where he now seems to have been readmitted.

Trump wants to go back to the White House

 Trump wants to go back to the White House , once the US President, once failed. Now Donald Trump is doing a third attempt. He has tirelessly deepened the division of the United States, and the division of his Republican party could follow. © Jonathan Ernst/Reuters Donald Trump speaks in front of supporters in his property Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida , even without the hoped-for tailwind from the , the former incumbent Donald Trump has his third campaign for the election President announced.

Thus, Mr. Trump said that there was no precedent in the history of the United States of a president who had to submit his tax declarations, which could now fall into the hands of the Democrats who dominate the aforementioned commission of the House of Representatives.

The magnate reproached that the decision of the Supreme Court "creates a terrible precedent for future presidents", and questioned the fact that the current president, Joe Biden, has regularized "all the money he earned illegally "thanks to the corrupt activities of his son Hunter, according to The Hill.

"The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige and position, and has become nothing more than a political organ, and our country pays the price," said Donald Trump, who took the opportunity to relaunch His conspiracy theory on the results of the 2020 presidential election. "They refused to look at the electoral deception, shame on them," he denounced.

Donald Trump Gets The Spotlight For His 2024 Speech, But Networks Vary In Coverage And Cutaways

  Donald Trump Gets The Spotlight For His 2024 Speech, But Networks Vary In Coverage And Cutaways Donald Trump did draw the media spotlight for his presidential announcement speech on Tuesday, but the networks varied in how they approached the event, carrying parts of it and cutting away at others. The coverage perhaps offers a glimpse of how Trump will be covered as he embarks on his third presidential bid — certainly a top story, but not the only one.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal filed by Donald Trump to try to prevent his tax declarations from falling into the hands of the House of Representatives, in what constitutes a major defeat for a former president who was tried in recent years from preventing this fact.

The case takes a new turn after only three weeks ago, the Supreme Court itself temporarily prohibited the publication of these tax declarations, until other legal bodies assess whether or not they accept the revision of previous justice decisions on this issue.

Consequently, the Commission of the House of Representatives could now obtain the declarations of the magnate as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump's lawyers believe that the real intentions of the committee are to make this tax information public.

Documents seized with Trump: a court of appeal inflicts a setback .
© Gaelen Morse Donald Trump has a new setback of justice. Reuters/Gaelen Morse New reverse for Donald Trump . An American court of appeal canceled a previous court decision which appointed an independent expert to review the documents seized at his home of Florida by the Federal Police (FBI).

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