Weekend Reads: Kanye West asked Donald Trump to be his running mate for the presidential election of 2024

US election 2024: Mike Pence is in position-Donald Trump runs?

 US election 2024: Mike Pence is in position-Donald Trump runs? The former US Vice President Mike Pence is considering a candidacy for the executive chair in the White House and is also ready to compete against his former companion Donald Trump . Ultimately, the American people had to decide whether Trump could be president again, Pence said in an interview on the TV station ABC on Monday (local time). But he thinks that there will be better alternatives in the future.

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Kanye West asked the former American president Donald Trump to be his package when he will present in 2024.

The rapper confirmed this week that he would present himself to the next American election after the failure of his candidacy in 2020. The star said on Twitter that she asked the former tenant of the White House Being his package when he visited him in his house in Mar-A-Lago in Florida.

“First time in Mar-A-Lago. Rain and traffic jams. I can't believe I made President Trump wait. And I had jeans ... Oops ... do you think it was his answer when I asked him to be my package in 2024? ", He posted on the network.

Donald Trump Gets The Spotlight For His 2024 Speech, But Networks Vary In Coverage And Cutaways

  Donald Trump Gets The Spotlight For His 2024 Speech, But Networks Vary In Coverage And Cutaways Donald Trump did draw the media spotlight for his presidential announcement speech on Tuesday, but the networks varied in how they approached the event, carrying parts of it and cutting away at others. The coverage perhaps offers a glimpse of how Trump will be covered as he embarks on his third presidential bid — certainly a top story, but not the only one.

Kanye West included a survey comprising two options: "it's very ye" for yes, or "it's very nay", for no. Currently, around 58 % of the voters have opted for the "it's very ye" option.

The artist revealed earlier this week that he had recruited the far -right personality Milo Yiannopoulus as campaign director. Kanye West, who lost several commercial partnerships after making anti-Semitic remarks last month, broke the presidency of the United States as an independent candidate in 2020. He obtained nearly 70,000 votes and finally lost to the President Joe Biden.

Donald Trump announced for his part last week that he will be represented in 2024.

in American politics, a running mate is a person who presents himself with someone during an election and is generally entrusted with the position of vice -Prees if it is elected. Kanye West therefore believes that it is Donald Trump who should be his vice-president, which gives an idea about the seriousness of his candidacy.

'I like Hitler': Kanye West doubles down on hate speech on Alex Jones' Infowars show .
As he continues his rapid descent into sheer craziness, Kanye West went on a new anti-Semitic rant during an appearance with Infowars host Alex Jones on Thursday. If he has a mute button, it’s broken. And if you’ve been at all on the fence about West and the endless stream of crap that seems to come out of his mouth, it’s time to get off. If your kids own a pair of Yeezys, it’s time to throw them in the trash. “Every human being has something of value that they’ve brought to the table — especially [Adolf] Hitler,” the controversial rapper said, doubling down on racist rants he made on social media last month. “Also Hitler was born Christian.” Watch for yourself.

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