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Trump wants to go back to the White House

 Trump wants to go back to the White House , once the US President, once failed. Now Donald Trump is doing a third attempt. He has tirelessly deepened the division of the United States, and the division of his Republican party could follow. © Jonathan Ernst/Reuters Donald Trump speaks in front of supporters in his property Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida , even without the hoped-for tailwind from the , the former incumbent Donald Trump has his third campaign for the election President announced.

The US author Jean Carroll has drawn a new complaint against the former US President Donald Trump in front of a New York court. The 78-year-old accuses the Republican of raping her in a New York department store in the mid-1990s. Due to assault and damage to the reputation, Carroll now requires compensation, among other things, as can be seen from a application submitted by her lawyers on Thursday. Trump has rejected the accusation of rape several times.

Ex-US-Präsident Donald Trump. (Archivbild) © dpa ex-US President Donald Trump. (Archive image) Donald Trump: New Law in the US state of New York is possible

So far, Carroll Trump has not accused himself because of the allegation of rape, but only because of defamation. Because the deadline for the collection of criminal charges for sexual attacks in the 1990s had long since expired. A new law in the US state of New York now provides for such a complaint for affected sexual violence in further past cases. Immediately after his entry into force on Thursday, Carroll's lawyers submitted the new lawsuit.

Donald Trump Gets The Spotlight For His 2024 Speech, But Networks Vary In Coverage And Cutaways

  Donald Trump Gets The Spotlight For His 2024 Speech, But Networks Vary In Coverage And Cutaways Donald Trump did draw the media spotlight for his presidential announcement speech on Tuesday, but the networks varied in how they approached the event, carrying parts of it and cutting away at others. The coverage perhaps offers a glimpse of how Trump will be covered as he embarks on his third presidential bid — certainly a top story, but not the only one.

The defamation process that has been going on for some time is about statements that were made in 2019. At that time, Carroll had made the allegation of rape in a book extract. Trump rejected the allegations - among other things with the words that she was not his type. He also accused her of just wanting to sell her new book. Carroll then complained against Trump because he presented her as a liar and slandered her.

in October Trump had to testify under oath in the process. However, the hearing was then suspended by an appellate court because judges have to clarify whether Trump is protected from legal consequences for statements that he made during his presidency from 2017 to 2021. (dpa)

Documents seized with Trump: a court of appeal inflicts a setback .
© Gaelen Morse Donald Trump has a new setback of justice. Reuters/Gaelen Morse New reverse for Donald Trump . An American court of appeal canceled a previous court decision which appointed an independent expert to review the documents seized at his home of Florida by the Federal Police (FBI).

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