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Weekend Reads: Record winter in Germany: New weather forecast shocked experts

“Berliner Winter” in the bottle: Mulled wine, but different

 “Berliner Winter” in the bottle: Mulled wine, but different “Berliner Winter”, this is not a mulled wine, but a hot drink made of apple, vodka and your own - of course secret - spice mix. Benjamin Fischer started the one-man company in Berlin in 2012. His bottles are now at Dussmann and some Edeka branches. © provided by Tipberlin Simply delicious and preferably hot: Benjamin Fischers “Berliner Winter”.

Weather experts raise the alarm: An extreme winter could be imminent. But that is meant differently than is probably understood.

Rekordwinter © Marc Dufresne/iStock Record winter

on both sides of the Atlantic, the weather frogs are equally unimaginated with regard to the winter forecast as well as concern about this. Because Europe and thus also the Germans are facing a real record winter.

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What does that mean? Is there a massive snow, Blizzards will search for the continent and that at least -20 degrees? No, far from it. It is about the exact opposite , as reports .

Germany is overtaken when converting the electricity market

 Germany is overtaken when converting the electricity market when converting the electricity market, Germany is not progressing as quickly as other European countries. This is the result of a study by the British Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) together with the energy management company Eaton. The experts rated and compared the framework for the energy transition in 13 European countries. © Jan Woitas/dpa wind turbines and high -voltage lines can be seen in front of the evening sky near Leuna.

All predictions are

Both the analysis of the European weather model ECMWF and that of the US counterpart NOAA predict a clearly too mild winter. With a possible 2 degree average temperature deviation upwards, the warmest and the driest winter since the start of the weather records threatens.

Already October and November 2022 were too warm and this trend should stop at least until February 2023, cold air break -ins.

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Northern Germany particularly affected The winter in

Northern Germany

deviates, where it could even be too warm up to three degrees. There will also be too little rain, so that a deficit that was in this regard could expand until spring. is completely excluded are the typical attributes, which we all connect with the word winter but still do not: Even a comparatively milder or even a record winter can contain days with

cold and snow

. Only these are not permanent.

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