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Weekend Reads: men's fashion: With this layering trick you make your autumn fashion suitable for winter

“Berliner Winter” in the bottle: Mulled wine, but different

 “Berliner Winter” in the bottle: Mulled wine, but different “Berliner Winter”, this is not a mulled wine, but a hot drink made of apple, vodka and your own - of course secret - spice mix. Benjamin Fischer started the one-man company in Berlin in 2012. His bottles are now at Dussmann and some Edeka branches. © provided by Tipberlin Simply delicious and preferably hot: Benjamin Fischers “Berliner Winter”.

Mit diesen Layering-Tricks kommst du im Winter ohne Puffer Coats aus Getty Images © Getty Images With these layering tricks you can get in winter without buffer Coats from Getty

. Buffer coat . No wonder that we see him all over the streets in winter 2022. But we have a problem again every year with the warm trend jackets: the excessive stimulus overload . If you can no longer see your winter coat, you don't have to save for a new one. It doesn't distract you for long. The better alternative: Right Layern .

With our

styling hacks you get warm and top-styled through the winter without having to hide your outfit under thick down-that would be far too bad. Top styled without a winter coat: These layering hacks possible 1. Layering hack for the winter of 2022: Long-lasting outer clothing

'7th Heaven': The Cast Then And Now

  '7th Heaven': The Cast Then And Now 7th Heaven was a TV show that ran from 1996 to 2007 and it was one of the most popular shows of the past 30 years. The show dealt with the trials and tribulations of the "Camden" family a Christian family of 9 living in Glenoak, California.7th Heaven: The Cast Then And NowOver 11 seasons, audiences were captivated by the life of the "Camden" family, and we'll show you what happened to "Matt", "Mary" and the others ever since the show ended in 2007Although one of the cast members - Stephen Collins - was involved with some horrendous crimes, the rest of the cast is still acting today.

This hack is aimed at the design as well as the material:

high-quality jackets and coats do not have to be superdick. An thin, quilted inner vest , for example, keeps you significantly warmer if you are well insulated . With the colors you should put on Evergreens : Black , Beige , Sand , Petrol . In addition, you can combine almost every piece in the winter of 2022 and in the cold seasons afterwards. At Arket you will find some specimens that you can use universally: 2. Layering hack for the winter 2022: Soft sweater

There do not have to be endless so that you can get through the winter of 2022 somewhat warm. Only the right ones. Almost no one can get past

sweaters on cold days. They are a good opportunity to take a little color when styling. However, half the rent is your material. Especially Kashmir , as with the Trendpieces from Arket, is a real classic: 3. Layering hack for the winter 2022: Stylish accessories

Completely is primarily due to the small things:

Schal , hat , gloves , briefcase . Here, too, you can let off steam or rely on classic pieces that will be a long fashion trend. Especially leather gloves celebrate their comeback in winter 2022. They make every look appear more classy.

tidy apartment in just 5 minutes! This is how Marie Kondos Komono-Trick .
is there chaos in her four walls? Cleaning-up expert Marie Kondo reveals the ultimate trick to ensure order again-and it only takes 5 minutes © iStockphoto Marie Kondo Komono-trick in just 5 minutes for a tidy apartment iStockphoto you know that: As soon as you has been cleared up to tidying up, you are so happy about a decent environment that you take care of never having chaos overhand.

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