Scientists revived organ cells in dead pigs

Medical science is nowhere near overcoming death, but it might be closer to delaying harm in dying and seriously damaged organs. The New York Timesreports that Yale University...

Active social life may create cognitive buffer against Alzheimer's, study suggests

People with an active social life, perhaps consisting of clubs, religious groups, sports or artistic pursuits, may help protect their brain from cognitive decline, new research...

Research in pigs shakes up what we know about dying

Researchers at Yale University say they have been able to restore blood circulation and other cellular functions in pigs a full hour after the animals' deaths, suggesting that

3 Foods Doctors Say You Can Eat Daily For A Flatter Stomach

When you think about foods that can help you lose weight in order to achieve a flatter stomach, the first things that pop into your mind may include low-calorie meals that barely...

What are Fitbit Active Zone Minutes?

Active Zone Minutes is one of the newest and most useful features you'll find in many Fitbit trackers and smartwatches.Fitbit is one of the best brands around when it comes to

Which nuts should you eat for better health?

Nuts are packed full of essential nutrients, which makes them the ideal healthy snack. Enjoyed as part of a well-balanced diet, they can help reduce risk factors associated with...

OrganEx may save donor organs by 'telling' cells not to die

Researchers have developed a system that can halt or reverse cell damage. In the United States, at least 106,000 people are on the waitlist to receive a vital organ transplant....

Does Coffee Beer Contain Real Coffee?

It seems logical that someone would try to combine coffee and beer into an exquisite beverage. But the question remains if coffee beer contains actual coffee.Augustino Brewing has

Organ decay halted, cell function restored in pigs after death -study

CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen reports that some lab techs at Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics are refusing to draw blood from patients who might have monkeypox. David Harvey, executive...

Organ decay halted, cell function restored in pigs after death -study

Organ decay halted, cell function restored in pigs after death -study(Reuters) - Researchers have found that decay of tissues after death can be halted and cell functions restored

A Nutritionist’s 10 Irresistible BBQ Menu Ideas

Welcome to Class Fitsugar's newest season! We're back in the studio, and our new trainer Jasmine Blocker will be leading you through a 30-minute strength-training workout,

A Nutritionist’s 10 Irresistible BBQ Menu Ideas

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Common healthy eating advice that just isn't true

There’s all sorts of advice aimed at trying to get us to eat more healthily and stay in shape, but some healthy eating opinions presented as fact are actually misleading. Here are

20 water-filled foods that will keep your body hydrated

Drinking lots of water is the best way to hydrate—especially as temperatures tick up. But water and water-containing drinks aren’t the only way to consume H20, and the other ways...

The 21 Best Sale Items at Costco in August

President Biden announced the team that will lead the White House's monkeypox task force to help the country respond to the outbreak of 6,300 cases nationwide, reported in all