Family & Relationships: endometriosis: a unanimous vote to the Assembly to recognize the disease as a long-term condition

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The adoption of the text submitted by France unsuitable, which is not binding, has been welcomed Thursday by applause standing The whole hemicycle.

  Endométriose : un vote unanime à l'Assemblée pour reconnaître la maladie comme une affection de longue durée © Provided by FRANCINFO

This is a historical vote. Two days after the ads of Emmanuel Macron , the unanimous assembly voted, Thursday, January 13, a resolution brought by the LFI deputies to recognize as a long-term affection (ALD) the endometriosis, suffered by a woman in ten in France. The motion for a resolution defended by "the unsuitable" Clémentine AUtain invites the government to start a reflection "to register in the marble" ALD endometriosis. This must allow 100% support by health insurance.

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The adoption of the text, which is not binding, by the 111 deputies present has been hailed by applause standing up with the entire hemicycle. "We can create a royal floor for victims' women," said the member for Seine-Saint-Denis with a special thought for "poorly paid women, for the precarious, for the poorest of them", for Which the disease is "even harder to live".

a "giant step for millions of women"

it would be "a giant step for millions of women," she completed, with a "ratchet effect" that would normalize the support of this DISEASE Yet discovered in 1860. This disease, on which knowledge remains incomplete, is linked to the presence of uterine cells outside the uterus, which react to hormones during menstrual cycles. Sometimes asymptomatic, it can also manifest itself by abundant rules and violent pains.

The announcement Tuesday of the Head of State, which launched a national struggle strategy to raise awareness, diagnose and support endometriosis, was the back-of-bottom of the discussion.

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People in this population are urged to get vaccinated against the disease. © Provided by Live Science Computer illustration of Neisseria meningitidis bacteria, which can cause meningitis Officials with the Florida Department of Health said on April 7 that the number of cases of meningococcal disease reported in the state this year had surpassed the state's five-year average. The outbreak is primarily affecting gay and bisexual men in Florida, including people with HIV, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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