Family & Relationships: Why the nominations of the victories of music 2022 make ganging teeth

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Clara Luciani aux Victoires de la Musique 2021 © Abaca Clara Luciani to the victories of music 2021

barely his nominations announced publicly, the next ceremony of the victories of music already arouses many reactions on social networks. Presented by Laury Thilleman and Olivier Minne, she will be broadcast on France 2 on February 11th. But the selection it deploys does not pass.

on Twitter, Journalist ROKHAYA DIALLO Reacted: " Aya Nakamura is the only non-white artist who is there. The latter has not been chosen by the jury, but by the public for the price of The most streamed album ", writes the anti-racist activist. ROKHAYA DIALLO point points within its thread thoroughly retweeted the fact that "all the artists selected by the jury are white".

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A lack of diversity that has generated many comments.

A lack of diversity?

france 2022.

- rokhaya diallo (@rokhayadiallo) January 12, 2022

"The names of the victories of the music are chosen · e · s by a jury of 620 professionals and 280 people Lambda drawn by lot. For several years, the ceremony has been accused of not actually representing the diversity of the French musical landscape. This year, the list of selected artists · E · S is striking ", castle The Media Period Studio . Before deplorning: "Difficult for the victories of music to pretend that no non-white artist · HE deserved an appointment in the classical categories ...".

In summary, "Victoires of music So White again," like cowards a user . A lack of flagrant diversity necessarily regrettable when the ceremony 2021 had been marked by the emergence of new talents like Yseult .

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Here is the list (very uniform) of names:

Male Artist

Golden Julien

Fire! Chatterton


Female Artist

Juliet Armanet


Clara Luciani

Album of the Year

"Burning Fire" of Juliette Armanet

"Civilization" of Orelsan

"Heart" of Clara Luciani

"Geography of the Vacuum" of Hubert -Félix Thiéfaine

"Clay Palace" of fire! Chatterton

Original Song of the Year (Public Vote)

"Brussels I love you" from Angele

"The last day of the disco" of Juliette Armanet

"The smell of essence" from Orelsan

"New World " of fire! Chatterton

"Breathe again" of Clara Luciani

Concert of the Year (Public Vote)


Ben Mazua


Audiovisual Creation (Public Vote)

"Brussels I love you"

"The rest"



" JVLIVS II 'from Aya Nakamura

Male Revelations

Black Dog


Black Earth

Revelations Female


Barbara Pravi

Silly Boy Blue Blue

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