Family & Relationships: "His heart remembers": 91-year-old, despite dementia daily at the occurrence

Dementia: The 'afternoon snack' that may increase your risk of Alzheimer's - study warning

  Dementia: The 'afternoon snack' that may increase your risk of Alzheimer's - study warning DEMENTIA is a destructive set of symptoms associated with progressive brain decline. According to research, an "afternoon snack" can increase your risk of Alzheimer's disease - the most common cause of dementia.Research published in Alzheimer's & Dementia, the journal of the Alzheimer's Association, refined carbohydrates can increase your risk of dementia.

dementia is a frightening disease. What is creeping with smaller drops, increases later to complete memory loss. It is all the more beautiful that the online platform "" has to tell an all-round positive story - even if the main person has dementia.

Sein Herz erinnert sich - 91-Jähriger bekommt jeden Tag Besuch von Kita-Gruppe – trotz Demenz wartet er schon auf sie © iStock (Symbol photo) reminiscent - 91-year-old gets every day Visit of Kita Group - despite dementia, he is already waiting for you Gene Mcgebee and his visitors

gene Mcgebee is 91 years old and lives in Vidalia in the US Federal State of Louisiana. Opposite his house there is on the other side of the street a daycare - and the children make sure that the old Lord is new to us every day. Megan Nunez, the Kita educator, tells: "Every day I cross the road and we meet again."

Alison Steadman: 'You have no control' - Actress on 'terrifying' brain disease

  Alison Steadman: 'You have no control' - Actress on 'terrifying' brain disease THE ACTRESS Alison Steadman has opened up about how "terrifying" she finds dementia and stroke after playing the role of a dementia patient in the BBC drama Care.According to the NHS, more than 850,000 people in the UK have dementia, a brain disease which affects one in 6 people over the age of 80.

dear ritual

Every day, genes ask the young woman to her name. He has severe dementia and forgot that the children have visited him almost every day with their educator for three years. But even if he can hardly remember his own face in the photo album, as his daughter Cathy told: the children brightened his everyday life - every day of new.

Visit the children sells the loneliness

"Oh my God, these children are such a blessing for Daddy," Cathy raves. Every visit, their father live up and start rays.

On the afternoons, genes and the children spend about one hour together. As soon as he hears her laughter , he goes into his front yard, because in the depths of his consciousness he knows exactly that something nice is waiting for him.

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900,000 UK dementia patients could benefit from Oxford treatment breakthrough

  900,000 UK dementia patients could benefit from Oxford treatment breakthrough DEMENTIA patients in the UK could soon benefit from breakthrough treatment discovered by scientists at Oxford University.The UK is said to have 900,000 people suffering from the debilitating brain condition. But now, researchers at the Neuro-Bio facility linked to the university have indicated a potential advancement in treatment where others appeared to have failed.

Loving donation penetrates the shadows in Genes Spirit

daughter Cathy is convinced that her father feels the loving accommodation of the little ones and that it is very much Guttut. Also Kita educator Megan believes that the old man reacts instinctively to their encounters. She tells the beautiful sentence: "We always explain the children that his brain is somehow ill, but his heart reminds us." And certainly, the children not only make genes of everyday life worthy, they also take an important experience for their own future.

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Healthy lifestyle shown to push back onset of Alzheimer's disease .
Eating right, exercising and limiting drinking don't just help with physical health, they could benefit your brain too.While things like eating right, exercising and limiting drinking and smoking are well known when it comes to prolonging physical health, it’s effect on neurodegenerative disease is unclear.

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