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sports do with hay fever? The Rates Expert

  Sport bei Heuschnupfen: Warum Sport bei einer Pollenallergie hilft - und was man beachten sollte © Getty Images

The first warm rays of sunshine are not only for spring feelings, but also for niesattacks of professional and recreational awarders with hay fever: the ideal time to get in shape after winter is unfortunately also the starting signal for The pollen season - and these are braked by many allergy sufferers. But she should not. For sports can help massively better survive the painful time of pollen flight. (Also read: hay fever - is COVID-19 for allergy sufferers especially dangerous? )

& sport protects against negative effects of hay fever

according to the German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP) is excellent for hay fever-cropped enormous . Sport helps to strengthen the respiratory muscles and thus protect them from negative effects of the pollen allergy. In particular, endurance training ensure the activation of the cardiovascular system and the continuous strengthening of the lungs for a noticeable effect in breathing - despite allergy. But not to overestimate themselves during the pollen flight times and find the right measure of training - exhausters here is more out of place. (Also, try the Zero Training: This work-out from Japan burns fat in 5 minutes )

10 hay fever natural remedies to keep allergies at bay this summer

  10 hay fever natural remedies to keep allergies at bay this summer These are the best hay fever natural remedies for when allergy season hitsPollen season can start from any time in March and carry on until mid-September. It peaks in the summer months, making avoiding floating pollen particles tricky if we want to make the most of the sunshine.

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with particularly violent pollen flight, shortness of breath or asthmatic phenomena However, stopping the training immediately or relocate the physical activity to inside. Also abrupt change between slow and fast training sequences are rather unsuitable for Pollen Allergicians, as this is too exhausting for the lungs and the airways could react sensibally.

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& sports despite hay fever - so you can support your body during training

Who has no particularly strong hay fever symptoms, it can be without drug support to attempt. All other athletes should be best and treated their body best and treat continuously to get well through the allergy. Because especially in sports, the breathing becomes more intense and deeper, so that more pollen is reached in the respiratory tract when training in the open air. (Also interesting: 6 tips for allergies that really help )

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  How Covid-19 has affected our habits for better and worse How Covid-19 has affected our habits for better and worse

against permanently clogged or constantly running noses in spring helps many affected long-term cortisone-containing nasal spray, the anti-inflammatory effect and, above all, promotes the failure in the nasal sinuses. However, it is prescription, often acts only after a few days and not with everyone, is therefore more unsuitable for short-term relief during training.

rapid relief provides free-to-year eye or nasal sprays with antihistamines that block the effects of the history's messenger that triggers the complaints in hay fever. You can be used shortly before, during or after training.

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It's Back again: Spring time is Pollenzeit! Just allergics often hits that very hard, because the pollen is effortlessly find their way to our apartments. Can an air purifier help here?

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