Food & Drink: The first asparagus is in sight: Serve it with Miso-Hollandaise and lemon potatoes!

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  Der erste Spargel ist in Sicht: Servieren Sie ihn doch mal mit Miso-Hollandaise und Zitronenkartoffeln! © Julian Mittelstaedt Hoppe_Klier_Lindinger_Caspar Plautz_Kartoffeln_Dummy.jpg © Verlag Antje Kunstmann Hoppe_Klier_LIndinger_Caspar Plautz_Kartoffeln_dummy.jpg

You like asparagus - and want to give him an extraordinary appearance? Then try this Japanese recipe for asparagus with miso-hollandaise and lemon potatoes!

white asparagus is often served classically - nothing against a little butter or a simple hollandaise , but that lets the delicate spring vegetables like to look a little pale. Unlike the proposal of Kay Uwe Hoppe, Dominik Klier and Theo Lindinger Aka Caspar Plautz . On the Munich Viktualienmarkt , the three friends operate a stand dedicated exclusively to the potato in all their variants. Many of the delicious dishes that you serve at noon in the affiliated snack, you can cook at home, because the three have published an cookbook . Their tempting asparagus recipe represents the slim rods strong partners - a round, flavorful and texture combination that you can not get enough. Luckily, the asparagus season starts just ...

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& recipe for asparagus with Miso-Hollandaise and lemon potato ingredients for 4 persons 2 kg white asparagus 1 bio-lemon u. Of which rubbed lemon shell 200 g hazelnuts (hacked) 1 tsp shichimi tōgarashi (spice mixture) 800 G fried potatoes (Juliette of the SABLES) 250 ml Sauce Hollandaise (see below) 2 tablespoons light misopaste 1 bunch of chefs for the sauce Hollandaise 100 g water 50 g white wine 2 shallots (halved) 3 peppercorns 1 bay leaf 3 bio-egg yolk 250 g butter / ghee salt , Cayenne pepper, some lemon sawtso Prepare the asparagus with Miso-Hollandaise to

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For the sauce Hollandaise water, white wine, shallots, peppercorns and the bay leaf together on almost a third Cooking. After passing, about 60 g reduction should result. Mix them with the 3 egg yolks and beat foaming over a water bath at just under 55 degrees until the egg has bound the liquid and the mass has a creamy consistency.

When does the asparagus season start 2022?

 When does the asparagus season start 2022? asparagus lovers beware: The spring vegetables will soon be season again! We reveal you from when until when you can get regional asparagus © iStockphoto A true classic: asparagus with ham and sauce Hollandaise iStockphoto Nothing tastes so much after spring like fresh asparagus.

while heating butter / ghee at 40 degrees (if you want the hollandaise sauce to clarify the butter before). Now stir the butter droplet by the egg mass. Season with salt, cayenne pepper and some lemon juice.

Tip: * Have you done everything right, the sauce should be nicely creamy and not too fluid. If something goes wrong: 1 egg yolk with a dash of white wine and stir at the droplet by the unchanged or sauce sauce. Peel

asparagus and remove the woody ends (cut off or cancel). Gare with a gap lemon and 1 tbsp sugar in salted water for 8-13 minutes al dente. Roast

hazelnuts without oil in a pan, salt slightly and season with Shichimi tōgarashi. Prepare

fried potatoes and refine with lemon abrasion. Season the Hollandaise with the misopaste. Arrange

asparagus next to the lemon potatoes, cover sparingly with Hollandaise, garnish with roasted nuts, shichimi tōgarashi and plucked cheese.


WEB_Rhabarber_Baiser_12388.jpeg © Volker Debus Web_rhabarber_baiser_12388.jpeg Rhubarb-Baiser Cake: Véronique Witzigmann reveals us her Spring-like recipe

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Recipe of the Week: Ovenpar Gel with Lentil Vinaigrette and Stamped Potatoes

 Recipe of the Week: Ovenpar Gel with Lentil Vinaigrette and Stamped Potatoes You want a asparagus dish without classical butter or Hollandaise? Then perhaps the creation of the association Süddeutscher asparagus and strawberry growers is just right. © VSSE E.V./heimat Vegetables - Sarah GREGER / DPA-TMN The vinaigrette comes shortly before serving over oven parshes with stamp potatoes.

The delicacies entrepreneur and book author Véronique Witzigmann is considered an expert for sweet and heralding with this heavenly rhubarb Baiser cake enter the spring. Have fun booking!

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Bonjour Spargel! © l'arpège bonjour asparagus! An exceptional asparagus recipe of Starkoch Alain Passard

Asparagus Season

The pale noble vegetable deserves tremendous respect - and a little humor! Starkhoch Alain Passard has sent us an unusual spring recipe.

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JanCrayMoebel_WERK_Modulkueche_Eiche_Ambiente_300dpi-4.jpg © Benno Cray Jancraymoebel_werk_modulkueche_eiche_Ambiente_300DPI-4.jpg Green Cuisine: Nine Ideas to bring color to the room

Green Kitchens

by Mint to Olive, on kitchen fronts and ceramics: Spring-like green refreshes your kitchen now in many facets.

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Green Asparagus Risotto .
© Provided by SevenCooks Quick Info: Vegetarian 528 KCAL Simply 30 minutes With the green asparagus risotto, the flavors of the spring kitchen are laughing correctly. Fresh herbs are processed into a creamy paste that result in a fast asparagus and creamy risottoreis a fast but very noble court. quantities for 4 portions quantity customize personally 4 spring onions0.5 bunch parsley50 g parmesan150 ml white wine300 g green asparagus300 g risottoreis1 l vegetable broth6 el olive oil salt pepper

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