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Food & Drink: recipe for frittata: So the Italian omelet with green asparagus is really delicious!

Pea, Mint and Asparagus Soup

  Pea, Mint and Asparagus Soup Fresh, bright and light, a great start to a spring meal. Yields: 8 servingsPrep Time: 30 minsProcess Time: 30 minsTotal Time: 1 hourCalories per Serving: 283Ingredients400 g Fine asparagus, woody ends discarded 75 g unsalted butter1 kg frozen peas6 spring onions, finely sliced1 L Hot vegetable stock Small bunch mint, leaves picked150 g Creme fraiche, plus extra to serve Truffle oil, to drizzle Directions1 Trim asparagus into 2.5cm (1in) pieces and separate the tips. Melt butter in a large pan and fry tips and a handful of the peas until tender, about 3min.

The frittata is an Italian omelet and differs from what you mean by an omelet. Because as the Spanish tortilla she bakes her really up and is not laid flat and folded together. One of them, however, have all the preparation types of omelettes together: they are ideal for residual utilization, as there is so good as no ingredient that does not taste in a coat of egg, cream and cheese. But also as a planned food, the frittata is very delicious - such as in this recipe with green asparagus.

  Rezept für Frittata: So wird das italienische Omelett mit grünem Spargel richtig lecker! © Provided by Berliner Kurier

You need 500 grams of green asparagus, 4 eggs, 50 milliliters whipped cream, 30 grams of Parmesan, pepper, salt, olive oil, nutmeg, herbs of Provence.

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How it works: First you have to clean the asparagus. The green is enough to rinse the rods and remove the woody ends. You usually do not have to peel it. If you get the ends especially dry, you can peel the lower third.

Then the green asparagus rods are advanced five minutes on medium heat in some olive oil from all sides to develop some preferences and roasting ages. Meanwhile, you can ever preheat the oven to 180 degrees top / bottom heat. Subsequently, the green asparagus comes in a baking paper lined with baking paper.

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Now stir, as usual with an omelet, the eggs in a bowl with the Parmesan, the cream, the dried herbs, salt, pepper and nutmeg. This mass now pour over the asparagus.

If you want, you can sprinkle a little grated Parmesan over the frittata before you get into the oven. There she bakes around 30 minutes until golden brown and beautiful airy. Incidentally,

serves you like a casserole (or a cake). Just cut out pieces, garnish them with fresh herbs and enjoy the Italian asparagus omelet!

good appetite!

Green Asparagus Risotto .
© Provided by SevenCooks Quick Info: Vegetarian 528 KCAL Simply 30 minutes With the green asparagus risotto, the flavors of the spring kitchen are laughing correctly. Fresh herbs are processed into a creamy paste that result in a fast asparagus and creamy risottoreis a fast but very noble court. quantities for 4 portions quantity customize personally 4 spring onions0.5 bunch parsley50 g parmesan150 ml white wine300 g green asparagus300 g risottoreis1 l vegetable broth6 el olive oil salt pepper

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