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Food & Drink: Perfect for the barbecue: recipe for delicious radish salad with meat sausage! Bet that you have never eaten?

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of spring comes, the Easter stands in front of the door - and that means: When Peter brings us beautiful weather, soon the smoking columns of the charcoal grills rise again everywhere. The sausages come on the rust, the steaks behind - and there are all kinds of delicious side dishes. But: what serve? Always only potato salad and noodle salad are finally boring as a side dish. Here comes a smart idea: Have you ever tried radish salad with Meatswurst? The super slick recipe.

  Perfekt für den Grillabend: Rezept für köstlichen Radieschensalat mit Fleischwurst! Wetten, dass Sie den noch nie gegessen haben? © Provided by Berlin Kurier 0 Also read: courier reporter reveals his recipe: so cook the best sausage goulash in the world - with spirelli it tastes after childhood! >>

The salad fits perfectly as a side dish, but can be done with a slice Bread will also be far from the barbecue to the delicious dinner. The beautiful is that there is not many complicated ingredients to prepare this wonderful salad - only radishes, meatswurst, a few spice cucumbers and spices and lots of love are needed to prepare the delicacy. Here comes the recipe. You need: 2 waistband radishes, 1 poultry wing, 1 small glass spice cucumbers, 1 onion, 1 waistband smooth parsley, salt, pepper, some paprika powder, some oil and how it works: wash the radishes, clean and cut into fine slices. This is best with a kitchen man. Free the meat sausage from the pelle and finely cubes. Drain spice cucumbers and cut into thin strips. Lastly, wash the parsley, shake dry and gross chop. Peel onion and cut into fine cubes. Add the radishes into a bowl, add meat sausage and cucumbers. Then admit the onions and the parsley and mix well with each other. Add some oil and water (each about a tablespoon) and soft salt and pepper. Mix well and finally season with some paprika powder.

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Important: The salad should run for a few hours before serving. It can also be served with bread or just as a side dish for grilled meat. By the way, who likes, can also use red onions, bringing a slightly milder, sweet flavor into the mixture. Enjoy your meal!

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