Food & Drink: Green Asparagus Risotto

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  Grünes Spargelrisotto © Provided by SevenCooks Quick Info: Vegetarian 528 KCAL Simply 30 minutes

With the green asparagus risotto, the flavors of the spring kitchen are laughing correctly. Fresh herbs are processed into a creamy paste that result in a fast asparagus and creamy risottoreis a fast but very noble court.

quantities for 4 portions

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4 spring onions0.5 bunch parsley50 g parmesan150 ml white wine300 g green asparagus300 g risottoreis1 l vegetable broth6 el olive oil salt pepper Preparation: Cut the parsley roughly chop the spring onions. Put both in a mixing cup and puree together with the olive oil to a fine paste. The asparagus tips cut off and aside. Cut the remaining asparagus into about 2 cm long pieces. Rub the Parmesan or plan in shavings. Heat the olive oil in a saucepan. Fry the risottoreis and embarrassed in it. Deglaze with the white wine and evaporate. Add parsley mass and asparagus and pour in portions with the vegetable broth, so that the broth can cook again and again. Stir stir for medium heat until the broth is used up and the risotto is cremig after about 20-25 minutes but also bite firm. The parmesan and the asparagus tips stir in and simmer for 2-3 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Split green asparagus crossed to plates and enjoy hot. Already tried?


If you tasted the green asparagus risotto, then here we have two more unusual asparagus recipes for you: the raw asparagus salad with Belugalinsen and the flame cake with green asparagus and ricotta . Both recipes are also prepared quickly and easily and thus definitely try a try!

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recipe for frittata: So the Italian omelet with green asparagus is really delicious! .
The frittata is an Italian omelet and differs from what you mean by an omelet. Because as the Spanish tortilla she bakes her really up and is not laid flat and folded together. One of them, however, have all the preparation types of omelettes together: they are ideal for residual utilization, as there is so good as no ingredient that does not taste in a coat of egg, cream and cheese. But also as a planned food, the frittata is very delicious - such as in this recipe with green asparagus.

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