Food & Drink: The best recipe for homemade eggnog - and so long is he durable

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You still need a last minute Easter gift for the or the loved ones? Then an eggnog guarantees the right idea. You can easily do that yourself. Tastes much better than bought and prepares the gifted pleasure. We have the recipe and also answer the question of how long eggnog is actually.

  Das beste Rezept für selbstgemachten Eierlikör – und SO LANGE ist er haltbar © Provil by Berliner Kurier

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You need: 8 eggs, 1 packet of vanilla sugar, 250 grams of powdered sugar, 350 milliliters of condensed milk, 250 milliliters white rum

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so it works: fry eggs and whisk the egg yolk with vanilla sugar in a metal bowl. Stir in the powdered sugar, the condensed milk and the white rum. Bring

to a boil in a saucepan. Place the bowl over the hot water bath and hit the eggnog with the hand mixer for about five to six minutes thick.

Fill the eggnog hot in clean, cooked bottles and close it well.

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in the eggnogs are processed fresh eggs. But is the eggnog therefore also perishable? "The younger, the fresher and taste intensive, eggnog. Therefore, we recommend to eat egg lien within one to two years, "says Stefan Buggle, Head of Product Development and Quality Management at the Feinenkost manufacturer" From Barrel ". This applies, however, for locked bottles that are airtightly closed. Once the egg liqueur is opened once, But he is still a half a year in the fridge durable. "Alcohol and sugar have a preservative effect on the product. Therefore, no danger of salmonella goes off," says Stefan Buggle.

"To ensure that eggnog stays ready for up to two years, it should be cool, dark and unopened, that is, with as little oxygen as possible in the bottle," explains Expert Stefan Buggle. If an orange layer forms on the eggnog, this is not a reason to dispose of the eggnog. "These are egg oil (dotter fat) and thus a natural component of the ice. The egg oil consists of the other components, for example the alcohol and sugar, "

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