Food & Drink: delicious and cheap: ingenious recipe for rice salad with carrots and spring onions! This mix is ​​the perfect summer salad

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This week it gets really hot again-and that means that Germany's hobby chefs are looking for light dishes that can be eaten with a clear conscience without feeling too difficult afterwards. A brilliant option: rice salad! It is quickly prepared, can be refined with delicious ingredients as desired and simply tastes of the whole family. Here comes a summer variant with carrots, leeks and feta cheese ... try it out!

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The good thing about the rice salad: it can be mixed as desired - because it is not a science to put together the tasty and refreshing salad.

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The basic rule: what tastes! In addition to the ingredients that occur in this recipe, all sorts of other things can be thrown into the salad. For example, fresh salad cucumbers (important: scrape out the core so that it does not muddle), spicy radishes or peas from the can. Here comes the recipe for the simple rice salad.

You need: 300 grams long grain rice, 4 large carrots, 1 bunch of spring onions, 200 grams of feta cheese, some rapeseed or sunflower oil, salt, pepper, dill (TK or fresh)

and so it works: peel the carrots and cut into small cubes. Cook the rice according to the package instructions until it is cooked. Put the carrot cubes in the cooking water five minutes before the end of the cooking time so that they can cook together with the rice. Depending on the size of the carrot pieces, this should happen a little earlier-if you prefer to have large carrot slices in the salad, you should have it boiled for ten minutes.

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wash the spring onions and cut them into rings and dice the feta cheese. Drain the cooked rice and carrots and let it cool in a salad bowl. Then add the spring onions. Mix in a little oil and season the salad with salt, pepper and plenty of dill and season. If you like, you can also add some paprika powder and garlic powder. Finally, add the diced feta cheese and stir in them carefully.

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Before serving, the rice salad should pull through in the fridge for a few hours. The salad is a pleasure as an independent fresh dish, but it can also be served with fish and ideally fits the grill meat. Enjoy your meal!

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