Food & Drink: original GDR recipe: You can get the delicious chocolate cake from the sheet metal

delicious sour cream cake with mandarins: This recipe with pudding cream tastes like grandma-now bake!

 delicious sour cream cake with mandarins: This recipe with pudding cream tastes like grandma-now bake! There are cakes that everyone simply knows and loves - apple pie, Black Forest cherry cake, tart au chocolat. But the Schmand mandarin cake is also a real classic: it is located in every baker's counter, is juicy, sweet and wonderfully creamy. Only: How do you conjure it up in your own oven? This is not difficult - here comes a simple recipe with which you bake a mandarin cake with sour cream, which is guaranteed to remind you of childhood and long afternoons at Grandma.

as quickly and easily. We have just the right thing for you. A chocolate cake according to the GDR original recipe. The cake is simply wonderful. With a soft batter and a creamy-proof chocolate glaze on top. Real treats even give some vanilla pudding between the dough and glaze. We'll tell you how the delicious chocolate cake is very quick and easy.

  Original DDR-Rezept: So schnell und einfach gelingt Ihnen der leckere Schokokuchen vom Blech © Provided by Berliner Kurier

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You need for the dough: 250 grams of butter, 225 grams of sugar, 250 grams of flour, 5 eggs, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, salt

You need 200 grams of dark chocolate, 100 grams of whole milk chocolate, 300 milliliters of cream, 25 grams of coconut fat

Great recipe for juicy cherry cake from the sheet - so delicious and so easy to make

 Great recipe for juicy cherry cake from the sheet - so delicious and so easy to make sheet cake always come a bit rustic, but they are simply a practical thing. And for several reasons: you can use the surface of the oven with the rectangular sheets, the cake is easier and smaller, so that it is enough for many delicacies and you can pack the flat, rectangular cake pieces perfectly if they do not enjoy at home should become.

1. also produce butter, sugar, flour, eggs baking powder and salt. Now put it in a baking sheet lined with baking paper or a large baking dish and have the dough baking until golden yellow at 160 degrees for about 25 minutes.

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2. In the meantime you can prepare the glaze. To do this, break the chocolate into pieces and slowly heat them together with the cream and the coconut fat until everything has melted. You should stir everything again and again until a homogeneous mass is created.

3. then loosen the finished, still warm cake floor from the baking paper and put it back onto the sheet or in the mold without paper.

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4. Now give the chocolate cast over the cooled cake and delete everything smoothly. The cast is a bit fluid. Now put the cake in the fridge. This makes the chocolate glaze firmer. But not so that they break when cutting, but rather creamy-festival. If you want, you can also put some vanilla pudding on the dough under the glaze.

5. Now you can chill it again or snack on. The chocolate cake can also be prepared well the day before.

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