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Food & Drink: flash recipe for well-being: creamy minced meat-meat-pasta pan

Classic apple pie recipe

  Classic apple pie recipe This double-crusted apple pie recipe tastes as homely as it looks.Good Housekeeping's top tips for perfect apple pie:

pasta and minced meat-a real favorite combination. With this recipe it gets even better, because thanks to tomatoes and sour cream, the sauce is so delicious, so delicious, so creamy: pasta with minced meat and meat sauce and a lot of parmesan iStockphoto

are you also in the middle of the festive preparations? With all the things that want to be done before, on and over Christmas, things can be done quickly at lunchtime. A wonderfully uncomplicated-and delicious-recipe like this for So lecker, so cremig: Nudeln mit Hackfleisch-Schmand-Soße und jeder Menge Parmesan ISTOCKPHOTO creamy minced meat-Schmand-pasta pan is the ideal feel-good dish. And best of all: the preparation succeeds in lightning speed, sour cream and parmesan ensure the extra dose of creaminess. You have to try that. ingredients for 2-3 portions 350 g pasta of choice 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic olive oil to fry 400 g minced meat 2 tablespoons of tomato paste 200 g chopped tomatoes from the can 200 ml vegetable broth 1 cup of source salt, pepper, oregano 100g parmesan Preparation cook the noodles according to package instructions al dente. Pull off the onion and garlic and chop finely, then braise until glassy in a pan. Add the minced meat and also fry. Now put the tomato paste in the pan and briefly roast. Then deglaze with chopped tomatoes and vegetable broth. Let the sauce simmer for eight to ten minutes. Next stir in the sour cream and let the sauce reduce again. In the meantime, wash the baby spinach and then also put it in the pan. Stir constantly until the spinach has collapsed and the sauce has the desired consistency. Season with salt, pepper and oregano. Finally, drain the pasta, mix under the minced meat and meat sauce, sprinkle with parmesan and serve. Tips for refining the recipe

If you want a strong taste, you can deglaze the minced meat with a little dry red wine. They refine the dish for extra creaminess by adding 50-100g feta to the sour cream. For the freshness kick, we recommend garnishing the pasta pan with fresh baby spinach leaves before settling.

Fast pasta recipe: Everyone loves penne with vodkasoße

Simple recipe for creamy minced meat cheese noodles .
A feel-good dish that tastes good for the whole family and succeeds quickly? Our answer: pasta with creamy minced meat cheese sauce! This is where the recipe © istockphoto minced meat-cheese-noodle iStockphoto is for lunch or dinner: how about classic pasta bolognese with minced meat-cheese noodles. The ingredients are similar, only the result is a lot creamier overall. This not only ensures new sophistication in the kitchen, but is also a real feel-good dish.

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