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Food & Drink: If you have to go quickly: So refine red cabbage from the glass to the perfect side dish!

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red cabbage is by far the most popular winter vegetables. Brussels sprouts, kale and Co. can stand far behind. But not everyone who stands into the kitchen in the run -up to Christmas or directly on the festive days has the time to take a fresh red cabbage in addition to rolling roulades or the everlasting roast. It is good that there are finished products. But they are often not finished at all and taste rather loveless. But this is how you can spice up your ready-made red cabbage to the perfect side dish!

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First of all you need enough ready-made red cabbage. You have different options. Prefabricated red cabbage from the glass has the advantage that it can be used directly and is often almost ready for consumption. Only a few small steps have to be done here. There is a little more work behind the frozen red cabbage, but there are significantly more vitamins, as an examination of the Stiftung Warentest showed. There was around three times as much vitamin C in TK-red cabbage as in glass red cabbage.

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Here we still show you both variants that do not differ too much.

You need 1 glass of inserted red cabbage (or a pack of frozen red cabbage), 1 red onion, 1 orange, 1 tablespoon of neutral oil, ground spice cloves, cinnamon, sugar, pepper, salt, vinegar and optional crack sausage.

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first you get the TK red cabbage out of the cooling, fill it in a bowl and let it thaw it. Then cut the onion (and if you also like the cracking sausage) into small cubes.

Then heat some oil in a saucepan and fry the onions and after a few minutes the Mettwurst. The crack sausage is really only optional if you want a small meat supplement. The red cabbage also works very well without this addition.

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if both Has pulled a bit of color, add the frozen red cabbage, a decent pinch of salt, half a tablespoon of cloves and a little cinnamon and a knife tip sugar and delete the whole thing with the juice of an orange and a splash vinegar.

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Important: Turn the heat down and let the whole thing be simmered on a low flame. The red cabbage should thaw slowly and be heated. He was usually blanched before freezing. Try again and again when it is soft, you can taste it again with salt, pepper, cinnamon and cloves and then it can already be served.

With red cabbage from the glass, the preparation only runs minimally differently. The red cabbage is then not frozen, so it doesn't take that long to be brought to temperature. In addition, it was often affected on the taste of it.

onions (and if you also want crack sausage) can be fried as usual. Then the red cabbage is added. Here, however, you do not need the juice of a whole orange. A few splashes are enough for red cabbage from the glass.

and with the spices? You can easily add a praise salt, pepper, cinnamon and cloves to the red cabbage. But don't overdo it, the red cabbage can quickly be overwear from the glass.

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After a few minutes the red cabbage is already at temperature. Now you can taste it with vinegar and salt, pepper, cloves and cinnamon again. And the red cabbage comes out of the glass onto the plate.

red cabbage fermenting: It is so easy

 red cabbage fermenting: It is so easy fermentation is a way to make red cabbage durable. The herb tastes good and is healthy because it contains many vitamins and minerals. Its strong color is an appetizing splash of color on the plate. The preparation of fermented red cabbage is very simple. No classic garden pot is necessary for this. Making sauerkraut in the glass works just as well.

Bon appetite - and Merry Christmas!

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