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Food & Drink: delicious potato salad: an all -rounder who is delighted with the right recipe, also on New Year's Eve

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dear reader, I already mentioned it: Of course there was potato salad in our family. This is part of the holidays such as Christmas tree and gifts. Already in childhood, the tradition was, especially due to the fact that work was made on December 24th to noon. Potato salad was well prepared, was inexpensive and everyone liked it.

  Leckerer Kartoffelsalat: Ein Alleskönner, der mit dem richtigen Rezept auch an Silvester beglückt © provided by Berliner Kurier

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I also remember a potato salad campaign in the elementary school time of our daughter. We parents decided to contribute potato salad to the school festival. Then there were about 15 different types on the long boards - and each tasted differently. Some had refined herbs as a dominant ingredient, others the classic with fresh mint, peas, broth, sour apples, lamb's lettuce, capers, bacon or even mushrooms. At the latest since then I have been a fan of the salad with the basic component that is varied in my rhythm of the seasons.

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The first fresh radishes (please only add shortly before serving, otherwise the vinegar pulls the red color out of the shell), the harvesting vegetables of summer and autumn - everything is used in the potato salad. And of course you can prepare it wonderfully.

The potato salad with sausages for Christmas has a long history. On December 24th - others say on the 25th - the Lent ended. In strictly Catholic Poles, many housewives still serve vegetarian dishes today on Christmas Eve, one of which is a salad with mayonnaise, vegetables and potatoes.

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I very much make sure to use good potatoes and I dared to make self -prepared mayonnaise when I thought about what is probably in the industrialist when there is such a sensitive Product is durable for weeks. It is very simple: 1 fresh raw egg (with protein), 100 ml of high -quality vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of middle -fashioned mustard, 1 splash of lemon juice, 1 pinch of salt, 1 pinch of pepper for about 10 seconds. That's all!

Sausage and marmalade plait

  Sausage and marmalade plait This crowd pleaser will keep well for a couple of days in the fridge so you can get ahead this Christmas. You can also assemble in advance and freeze. This Christmas crowd pleasing sausage and marmalade plait is really easy to make and only costs 84p per portion! A zesty, sweet marmalade works well here and pairs nicely with the savoury sausage meat and wholegrain mustard. Plus, the puff pastry gives the whole dish a light yet moreish finish. Think of it as a fancy sausage roll with festive flair and what's better, once baked, it will keep well for a few days in the fridge.

This year I had refined the classic with fresh oranges, sesame, black cumin and sheep's cheese. My little secret was a pinch of cinnamon. In any case, everyone was thrilled, so that a bowl of potato salad will probably be on the New Year's Eve buffet table.

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Swabian potato salad - How to prepare it for .
recipes with a long tradition Swabian potato salad - so prepare it for © t - Online in many German regions there is a typical potato salad. The Swabian potato salad is particularly popular and traditional. juicy and light - these properties are characterized by Swabian potato salad. Traditionally, it is prepared without mayonnaise and turned on with broth instead. As a result, the salad tastes aromatic and gets its very typical soft consistency.

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