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Health & Fitness: Extreme burping and farting could be a sign of depression, research says

Dementia: The ‘first' symptom of dementia may not be memory loss - major study finding

  Dementia: The ‘first' symptom of dementia may not be memory loss - major study finding DEMENTIA is an umbrella term for a cluster of symptoms associated with progressive brain decline. Although memory loss is the hallmark feature of dementia, research suggests it may not be the "first" symptom you experience.Most people associate memory loss with Alzheimer's but research suggests it may not be the first indicator.

Extreme flatulence can signify that you are experiencing depression or other mental ailments, according to new research.

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International scientists at the Research Institute of the Rome Foundation in Raleigh, North Carolina, came across the fart findings in collaboration with Danone Nutricia Research in France.

Speaking to Gizmodo, Olafur Palsson, a clinical psychologist of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine (who worked with the scientists for the study), said that the gas has “negative effects on people’s physical and emotional wellbeing.”

Fathers too are affected by the postpartum depression

 Fathers too are affected by the postpartum depression © Adobe Stock Fathers too are affected by the postpartum depression "The Postpartum depression is too often the object of a taboo" , deplore Dr. Fanny Jacq, psychiatrist of perinatality. "However, detecting and accepting these fragilities, often passenger, must be a force. We must teach parents not to neglect the first symptoms and not to guilty to talk about it and seek help".

To uncover the link between passing gas and mental wellness, the team recruited 6,000 adults across the United States, United Kingdom, and Mexico to answer questions about whether or not they experienced gas symptoms recently, bloating, flatulence, and even bad mouth odor.

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Afterwards, they surveyed them on their mental and general wellbeing.

People tended to get a worse score on the survey pertaining to life and issues such as stress if they also experience a lot of hot air. So, the scientists realized that having more symptoms at once can be a sign of poorer mental wellbeing.

There was no significant correlation between gassiness and body mass index or weight.

Participants who exercise typically had a lower chance of experiencing gas problems.

At the end of the day, the study’s findings still need to be peer-reviewed. More research will be conducted to determine gas and the other messages it may have on people’s health.

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