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Health & Fitness: Henry Cavill's fitness advice, "Do it your way", is something we all need to hear today

'I Did Gal Gadot’s "Wonder Woman" Workouts For A Week & Barely Survived'

  'I Did Gal Gadot’s 'I was sprinting faster and farther.'Curious if a mere mortal like me could handle the rigours of wondrous workouts, I tapped her trainer, Magnus Lygdback, for his tips and expertise before embarking on a week of his tailor-made Wonder Woman workouts.

Henry Cavill is no stranger to fitness. After a career playing bit parts in period dramas such as The Tudors and Count of Monte Cristo, he's been professionally buff for a decade after landing the role of Superman, shortly followed by Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher.

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However, while Henry can be seen boasting an impressive physique formed by years of resistance training, a recent interview with MuscleTech found his favorite fitness gadget is actually a Polar running watch. The Polar Vantage V2 tops our best running watch list, so it's clear Cavill, a keen runner in his spare time in addition to bodybuilding for movie roles, chose well.

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  'I Worked Out at 5 Am Every Day – and It Taught Me 3 Important Things' It all started with a 4 am alarmAnnie Long has a lot going on. The Massachusetts-based teen is all tied up running her 388K sub-strong YouTube channel, fulfilling her dream of becoming a Gymshark athlete and, you know, passing high school.

However, much more important than Cavill's watch preferences is his advice to people getting into fitness for the first time. He says: "Do it your way. Get the right information, get the right knowledge from someone who knows their stuff, but also do fitness your way, do whatever you'll enjoy doing, and that's how you'll get the most out of it."

Watch Cavill's MuscleTech interview here:

This kind of advice is often overlooked. All around the internet (including right here), you'll find workout recommendations along with expert-led pieces of fitness and health advice. And although it's helpful to have as much information as you can, ultimately the best workout is one you'll enjoy doing.

Research from the journal Frontiers in Psychology found that "engaging in [physical activity] that is enjoyable, improves health and wellbeing, and provides continual novel stimulus, will lead to improved engagement and adherence over time."

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  Theragun Has Mega Black Friday Discounts — We Tried Their Massage Guns With up to £263, now is the time to upgrade your recovery routineIf you want less painful DOMS and the ability to bounce back faster after a gruelling workout, then it’s time to loosen stiff muscles with some personal pulverising.

I hate running on a treadmill. Even the best treadmill, which I fully acknowledge are marvellous pieces of kit, make me feel like a hamster. I'm much more likely to lace up my pair of the best running shoes for men and brave the weather on a rainy Saturday. There's so many ways to exercise, from team sports to solo gym efforts, that we're sure you'll be able to find a discipline you love. And according to the research above, it means you're more likely to stick to an exercise routine if you enjoy the activity.

However, no physical activity is going to be a cakewalk, as Cavill himself admits. "It's not supposed to be easy. With that kind of mindset, going into workouts and training, I think I would benefit from that enormously. Everyone's different, but I know as a young man, that's what I would have needed [to hear]."

A Bodybuilder Tried Henry Cavill's 'Witcher' Diet and Workout for a Day .
Zac Perna found out what it takes to get Geralt-level gainsPerna starts off with 30 minutes of fasted cardio before a breakfast of beef fillet, a three-egg omelet, and oats with berries and a scoop of protein, totaling 835 calories. Then he prepares the pre and post-workout meals, which are both the same: poached chicken and rice with mixed vegetables and a Thai yellow curry sauce, coming in at 677 calories apiece.

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