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Health & Fitness: Drinking two coffees a day could be beneficial for Health

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and if the coffee was good for your health?

A cup of coffee in the morning does not only have the power to wake you up, but the consumption of caffeine has already been associated with reduced risks of several health problems, including type 2 diabetes and stroke. This is in any case what researchers from Alfred Hospital and the Baker Cardiology Institute in Australia.

"Coffee can accelerate heart rate, some people fear that its consumption triggers or aggravates certain heart problems. This is where the General Medical Council can come from drinking coffee. But our data suggest that daily coffee consumption should not be discouraged, but rather included in a healthy diet for people with non-heart disease. We found that coffee consumption had either a neutral effect - that is, it was not harmful - whether it was associated with cardiac health benefits, "said the author Principal of the study, Dr. Peter Mr. Kistler.

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Dr. Kistler and his team used the UK Biobank data to study the different levels of coffee consumption and their relationship with heartbeat problems (arrhythmias), cardiovascular disease, including coronary heart disease, heart failure. and strokes. He pointed out that if many people associate coffee with caffeine, the grains actually contain more than 100 biologically active compounds that can help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation.

"Coffee drinkers should be reassured: they can continue to enjoy even if they suffer from heart disease. The coffee is the most common cognitive stimulant - it wakes you up, makes you more mentally and it is a very important element of the daily life of many people, "added the researcher.

The entire study will be presented at the 71st annual scientific session of the American College of Cardiology.

Heart disease: Two coffees a day could cut risk of heart disease by 15 percent says study .
COFFEE has recently overtaken tea as the most popular drink in the United Kingdom. A study from Australia has now found drinking two cups of coffee a day could improve heart health.Researchers from the Baker Heart Institute in Melbourne, Australia, analysed data from the UK Biobank to look at the health impacts of coffee.

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