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Health & Fitness: Mrs Hinch posts pictures of bad bruises amid blood disorder fight with fans sharing concern

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Mrs Hinch has shared a number of images on Instagram of her legs covered in purple bruises amid a battle with a blood disorder with fans sharing concern for the cleaning guru. Sophie Hinchcliffe, who's 32, explained why she rarely ever wears skirts or dresses due to the extensive bruising on her legs because of her condition.

She shared an Instagram story on Saturday (April 16) of black and purple bruises on her thighs. She explained she would love nothing more than to wear a mini dress or skirt and bask in the sunshine and warmth.

Because her bruising is so bad, Sophie adds he usually has to refrain from wearing any clothes which show off her legs. Alongside the video of her bruises, the star explained: "Typical that the sun is out and my blood plays up. This is why I wear winter clothes in the summer guys. I get so worried about going out when it's sunny."

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The cleaning guru went on to explain that her arms are also currently covered in bruises, and so, she feels the need to cover them up as well as her legs. "My arms are the same too at the moment. Bloody reality eh (excuse the pun)."

After unveiling her bruised legs, Sophie was bombarded with questions about her blood condition as hundreds of fans shared their concern for the mum. Sophie assured her followers that she was okay as she revealed that she lives Thrombotic Blood Clotting Disorder.

"My inbox has gone a bit mad," the star laughed. "Nothing bad has happened.

"Basically, I have a blood disorder - so my blood clots really easily. I'm always on blood thinners and I have had a blood clot in the past."

The star explained that she bruises incredibly easily and even if her husband, Jamie, gently touches her, she could end up with painful bruises on her body. "I end up in bruises," she admitted.

"I'm covered in them all the time basically."

Following Sophie's brave post, supportive fans have flocked to Twitter to share their love for the star. "Mrs Hinch showing off her bruises is so brave. Just goes to show we all have insecurities that we all hide," one loyal follower tweeted.

"Amazing seeing Mrs Hinch shedding light on her blood disorder," another echoed. Meanwhile, a third gushed: "Brave woman. That must be so hard to live with that condition - especially in this weather."

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