Health & Fitness: French forced to eat ‘mustard of the Germans’

What to eat before a half marathon – tips for runners

  What to eat before a half marathon – tips for runners A guide from nutrition experts on how to fuel for a half marathon race in training, the week before and on race dayWe asked nutrition experts for tips on what to eat before a half marathon, including what to eat through training, on the days leading up to the half marathon and on the day of the race.

There is a shortage of Dijon mustard in France Ed Rooney/Alamy Stock Photo © Ed Rooney/Alamy Stock Photo There is a shortage of Dijon mustard in France Ed Rooney/Alamy Stock Photo

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French diners are being forced to eat horseradish sauce, which they disparagingly nickname the “mustard of the Germans,” due to a shortage of Dijon mustard. A heatwave in Canada last year has led to a shortage of the seeds that go into Dijon mustard, the spicy variety that is highly popular in France, said The Times. The development has been a “dent to French pride”, because “most people had assumed that Dijon mustard was French through and through, with seeds from the fields of Burgundy”.

Sewing a French seam is easier than you think

  Sewing a French seam is easier than you think You'll be Sewing Bee ready in no timeWhether you’re a dressmaker or enjoy making your own home furnishings like cushions, knowing how to sew a French seam is a useful, practical sewing technique to master that professional sewers uses to elevate their work.

Alpacas spark Loch Ness excitement

Alpacas taking a cooling dip in Loch Ness fooled online viewers into thinking they were Nessie. When the animals escaped their sanctuary, viewers on social media were amused by the confusion. “Cue the Nessie sightings from the other side of the loch,” said one social media user. Meanwhile, a new theory holds that the Loch Ness monster may have actually been a freshwater dinosaur. The news means the existence of a Loch Ness Monster is “plausible”, a British university concluded.

Brit breaks marathon record

A British woman has broken a record by running 106 marathons in 106 days. Kate Jayden achieved the world record for most consecutive days to run a marathon distance (female). On day 46, she noticed that her knee “hurt a bit”, but didn’t realise that something might be wrong. Later, an MRI scan in May revealed that she completed the challenge with a fractured knee, and she will need to undergo surgery, said Guinness World Records.

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NHS should change guidance on pregnant women eating fish, Bristol study finds .
Researchers say NHS guidelines are too cautious after huge Children of the 90s studyThe researchers in Bristol say that, after studying thousands of women in the city, the advice to avoid eating some fish while pregnant ends up potentially doing more harm than good, and the dangers of certain kinds of fish are over-stated. The researchers in Bristol analysed the health and diets of a total of 4,131 pregnant women in Bristol who had children back in 1991 and 1992 in the Children of the 90s study - and their children who have since had their own children.

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