Health & Fitness: Celebrity MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace shares secret to his four stone weight loss

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Masterchef co-presenter and judge Gregg Wallace MBE has, over the years, stunned fans with his amazing weight loss transformation, losing four and a half stone.

Gregg Wallace lost a whopping four stone © BBC/RDF Gregg Wallace lost a whopping four stone

At his heaviest the Eat Well For Less presenter weighed in at 16st 7lb and, according to The Sun, "wasn't happy". After being told he was at risk of heart attack due to his weight by a doctor in 2017, he decided things needed to change.

Now, Gregg, 57, has overhauled his lifestyle and is sporting a more trimmed down figure which is regularly showcased on his Instagram page with pictures of the father-of-two working out in the gym.

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But just how did Gregg, a former baker and food extraordinaire himself, do it?

Before finding his feet with a method that suited him, Gregg tried a whole host of diets - fasting, fads, no carbs and low-fat - none of which were sustainable in the long-run and would often leave him feeling “horribly hungry and miserable all the time".

Now, he has traded fast food and fad diets for home cooked meals, reduced alcohol intake and regular exercise. He told The Sun that his motivation at the start of his weight loss journey was "to look better on the telly". Now, it seems, it is to "have the body of a 20-year-old".

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The judge, who is currently appearing on Celebrity MasterChef - read more on that here - does this by enjoying three "large, filling, healthy, balanced meals" a day. He has also educated himself on the importance of nutrition: "I don't like diets, I don't think you should restrict yourself. It's all about healthy eating."

He said: "I learnt that it’s far better to wean yourself off [a bad] diet slowly and cook proper, healthy meals, as you are far more likely to succeed and enjoy the change," he said. "I’m not talking about lettuce leaves here, I’m taking about foods you want to eat."

Speaking on Loose Women recently of feeling healthier than he has done in 30 years, Gregg said: "I'm probably fitter and healthier now at 57 than I was at 27."

Alongside changing up his lifestyle, Gregg has gone on to help others reach their weight loss targets and create a balanced lifestyle by setting up a platform with his wife, Anna, and daughter called ShowMe.Fit.

BBC MasterChef Greg Wallace's incredible 4.5 stone weight loss going from 16 stone to 'body of an athlete' with ripped abs

  BBC MasterChef Greg Wallace's incredible 4.5 stone weight loss going from 16 stone to 'body of an athlete' with ripped abs The MasterChef hosts admits he's 'a lot nicer to be around' with his new healthy lifestyleAround five years ago, Greg’s diet consisted of pints and takeaways. But his new way of living sees him go to bed at 8pm and get up as early as 4am.

On its website, Gregg says: "You know what? Getting into shape is hard enough. That’s why I started ShowMe.Fit – to arm you with what you need to lose weight, get fitter and change your life forever!"

The platform provides healthy recipes, nutrition advice, "motivational psychology", workout routines and support and advice from the experts and ShowMe.Fit community.

Speaking to Hello! magazine in 2021 of his journey, Gregg opened up and honestly said his four stone weight loss "from A to B was not a straight line, it went around a couple of McDonald's drive-ins, it stopped at a few kebab shops and it hit more pubs than it was supposed to have done, but it got there".

He added: "What I've learned from the psychologist on my website, Dr. Kevin Dutton, is that being good most of the time is good enough."


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