Health & Fitness: How to sleep better when you're feeling stressed out - expert shares 7 top tips

What time children should go to bed

  What time children should go to bed It's important for their development they get enough sleep but school holiday time can be toughMaking sure children get enough sleep is important for their development and now an expert has revealed how long different age groups need. Sleep coach Rosie Osmun from said there are a number of rules to ensure they wake up feeling rested and ready for the day.

Sleep expert at Dormeo, Phil Lawlor unveiled seven of his top tips for a restful slumber - especially when there are external forces that could be hiking your cortisol (i.e. stress) hormones. "Discover which daily stressors cause the most problems," said Lawlor, adding that jotting them down could be therapeutic. If it's money troubles, for example, "write down specific ways you and your support network, including family and friends, can help to reduce/manage your finances".

Lawlor elaborated: "Although this can be anxiety provoking in the short term, writing things down on paper and committing to a plan can reduce stress."

Sleep expert share ideal bedtime for kids and tips to get them to nod off

  Sleep expert share ideal bedtime for kids and tips to get them to nod off Getting your children to sleep at a reasonable time can be a difficult task, especially when they're babies, but two sleep experts have outlined their top tips for bedtimesBaby and children's sleep consultant Lisa, who has 20 years worth of experience, has shared her top tips and advice to help at bedtime, while Lyndsey Hookway, the co-founder of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, has also provided her best sleeping tricks.

Speaking of stress, chronic upset can have negative consequences on the body.

Effective stress management techniques can include meditation and exercise.

To help combat stress, in addition to useful stress-busting activities, it's critical to eat a healthy diet.

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How to fall asleep when you're stressed out © Getty How to fall asleep when you're stressed out

"A balanced diet can support the repair of damaged cells and a healthy immune system," said Lawlor.

"Eating nutritious and healthy foods can provide the extra energy your body needs to cope with stressful events.

"Another important natural factor linked to a healthy diet is good quality sleep.

"You may wish to keep an eye on what food and drink you're consuming through the day. Avoid caffeine, energy drinks, spicy and acidic foods."

4 ways a lack of sleep affects your skin–and how to keep it glowing

  4 ways a lack of sleep affects your skin–and how to keep it glowing Anyone else unable to sleep in this heat?Meanwhile, studies show that the impact of the pandemic and rising stress levels (cost of living crisis, anyone?) are also affecting our sleep quality more than ever before. According to global market research platform Mintel, around 75% of people have experienced more stress than usual since the start of the acute outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, with 61% saying they have struggled to sleep as a result.

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Tea could also help do the trick. "What you might not realise is that certain herbal teas can also help with falling asleep," Lawlor revealed.

"While caffeinated teas can increase stimulation, herbal teas have the opposite effect with chamomile tea widely used to promote relaxation and drowsiness.

"Other teas such as spearmint and lemon balm reduce anxiety along with improving sleep quality.

"Grabbing a cuppa an hour before heading to bed should give the herbal tea plenty of time to work its magic."

Do you write down your anxieties? © Getty Do you write down your anxieties?

The environment you fall asleep in is either conducive to sleep, or it isn't.

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"Maintaining a calm and relaxing home environment is important for your mental health and wellbeing," said Lawlor.

"When your room is untidy and cluttered, you have more cortisol [the stress hormone]."

Thus, Lawlor recommends keeping the bedroom clean and tidy, which is ideal for a more peaceful sleep.

Tips to fall asleep at night © Express Tips to fall asleep at night

Outside of the home, if your workload is stressing you out, it could be keeping you up at night.

"Increased workloads will equate to increased stress and, sometimes, people are unable to switch off from their problems at the end of the day," Lawlor expanded.

"If possible, delegate some of the workload to others, or discuss rising workloads with those in senior positions. Taking action can empower and de-stress you."

Seven tips for a better sleep when you're feeling stressed

  1. Write down your problems
  2. Eat healthily
  3. Meditate
  4. Exercise
  5. Delegate excess workload
  6. Drink herbal tea
  7. Create a calm home environment

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