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Health & Fitness: Which therapy helps with diverticulitis

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Div vertigitis

Which therapy helps with diverticulitis   Welche Therapie bei Divertikulitis hilft © t - online

A diverticulitis can often be treated well and only rarely requires an operation. Find out what the therapy looks like.

In the case of diverticulitis, sagging (diverticula) in the intestine (mostly in the large intestine) have inflamed. Whether therapy is necessary and what it looks like usually depends on which severity is available. So how pronounced the divertitis is whether it is limited to the intestinal wall or is already transferring to the surrounding regions. It also plays a role whether there are complications such as a collection of pus (abscess) or an intestinal breakthrough.

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Diverticulitis: These symptoms are typical

Inflied intestinal sack: What causes diverticulitis

therapy: In mild cases, observation can be sufficient

it is easy diverticulitis without complications and the person concerned is not in a different way Interpreted in terms of health, divertitis often heals without treatment with antibiotics. However, those affected should perceive regular control appointments in medical practice until recovery.

well to know

An uncomplicated diverticulitis heals in 95 out of 100 cases within seven days. However, there are still complaints in about 5 out of 100 cases and the divertitis must continue to be treated.

is more pronounced by diverticulitis or there is an increased risk of complications, the doctor usually prescribes antibiotics as therapy. These are intended to fight the bacteria involved in the inflammation.

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In severe cases or in the event of complications, diverticulitis must be treated in the hospital. Affected antibiotics receive there, possibly via a vein (as an infusion). If there is an abscess, the pus may be guided out of the body with the help of a narrow hose over the abdominal wall (so -called drainage).

  Welche Therapie bei Divertikulitis hilft © T - Online Nutrition In Diverticulitis

with an light diverticulitis , which is only accompanied by little symptoms and without complications, those affected can often continue to eat as usual if they tolerate this. Otherwise, it can be advisable to relieve the intestine for a while.

With an complicated diverticulitis , the diet must often be changed temporarily to support the therapy: Depending on the severity of the inflammation and extent of the symptoms, those affected may only be allowed to eat liquid food for a few days. At the beginning, for example, water, tea and soups, later a normal diet is gradually absorbed. In some cases, affected liquid and nutrients also receive an infusion.

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When is surgical treatment necessary?

rarely is diverticulitis so difficult that it requires surgery and parts of the colon have to be removed. However, this may be necessary if, for example, previous therapy does not help or there are complications such as larger abscesses in the intestine.

Often the surgical intervention in diverticulitis can be carried out minimally invasive, i.e. without major cuts in the abdomen. In any case, the prerequisite for the operation is that the acute infection in the intestinal tissue has largely subsided. However,

haste is required if there is a intestinal breakthrough due to diverticulitis and intestinal content gets into the abdomen. A possible consequence are life -threatening infections such as abdominal infections. Such complications are a medical emergency and usually require emergency operation as therapy.

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