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Health & Fitness: Tommy Fury 'forgets' girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague is pregnant

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Tommy Fury "sometimes forgets" his girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague is having a baby.

Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague © Provided by BANG Showbiz Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague

PrettyLittleThing Creative Director Molly-Mae, 23, has revealed it can slip her 23-year-old boxer beau's mind that she is seven months pregnant, because he goes away a lot.

Asked if Tommy talks to her baby bump, she said: "No, I think because he's been away a lot, I think he sometimes forgets.

"I'm like, 'You do understand that I'm like two months away from having a child.' "

Molly-Mae admitted she often has to "remind" her boyfriend and fellow 'Love Island' star about her pregnancy when he is away from home training for his next bout.

Why Molly-Mae’s Pregnancy Announcement Gives Hope To Many Women

  Why Molly-Mae’s Pregnancy Announcement Gives Hope To Many Women The reality star was diagnosed with Endometriosis last year - a condition that affects women's fertility.Yesterday the Love Islander turned Creative Director announced on Instagram that she is expecting her first child alongside a sweet video montage. The internet practically blew up within minutes with many past Islanders and fans congratulating the couple on their next step as they expand their family.

She added to Sport Direct: "I just think he has to be reminded because he is away a lot."

In October, Molly-Mae admitted she "cried every single day" during the early stages of her pregnancy.

She said: "I had extreme emotions up to seven weeks, so from finding out to about seven or eight weeks, I was so, so, so emotional, I cried literally every single day. Emotions were very high and I felt sad a lot which was very weird because all our dreams had come true, I had fallen pregnant. I was so, so happy but I couldn’t feel that happiness yet. Up until eight weeks, I felt quite sad, which I didn’t expect."

The star would also often lie awake at night after suffering "really bad nightmares".

She added: "I have also written down her insomnia during my first trimester, I had really bad night sleeps. I would just be lying there wide awake in bed, I also had really bad nightmares, really vivid dreams. My main symptom throughout my whole pregnancy has been hunger, especially through my first trimester, the hunger was unlike anything I have ever, ever, experienced. I knew that pregnant women ‘eat for two’ and you experience hunger, but I didn’t realise it was a clinical, medical thing. Sometimes I have been in the car with Tommy and been like ‘if you don’t pull over to a service station right now and help me get some food, I am going to collapse on the floor’. That was the levels it was, it was unbelievable."

Tommy Fury announces Molly-Mae Hague's due date and it's very soon .
Molly Mae, meanwhile, has hinted at being 34 weeks pregnant in a TikTok video . The Pretty Little Thing creative announced her pregnancy earlier this year. READ MORE Molly-Mae Hague announces exactly how pregnant she is in huge update The 23-year-old said that the news came as a “complete shock” to both her and Fury. “I literally just can’t explain how the shock literally overtook my body for the first month, 100 per cent,” she said. “I just felt like every single day I was living an out-of-body experience, my emotions were something I’d never experienced before.

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