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Health & Fitness: Ben Shephard strips topless for freezing cold swim in sea on Christmas holiday

From Day 1 to 10, these are the stages of a cold – and a guide to when it will be over

  From Day 1 to 10, these are the stages of a cold – and a guide to when it will be over Plus, when it's time to call the doctorNoticed that half of the people you work with have come down with some form of general grogginess, sneezing or runny nose? Like you're no doubt aware, cold season is very much here – and with it, your questions about just how long the annoying thing will plague you for.

Topless Ben Shephard has stripped down to his trunks for a freezing cold swim in the sea on his Christmas holiday in Cornwall. Ben braved the freezing waters on Christmas Day.

The Tipping Point host apologised for his brother's "budgy smugglers" as he made a cameo in the background. In the clip, Ben said: "Christmas Day in Port Isaac on the beach.

"My brother in his dragon budgy smuggers - village looking stunning. Best way to wake up, Merry Christmas everybody!" Ben is a keen fitness fanatic, routinely sharing photos and videos of his workout regimes.

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Sausage and marmalade plait

  Sausage and marmalade plait This crowd pleaser will keep well for a couple of days in the fridge so you can get ahead this Christmas. You can also assemble in advance and freeze. This Christmas crowd pleasing sausage and marmalade plait is really easy to make and only costs 84p per portion! A zesty, sweet marmalade works well here and pairs nicely with the savoury sausage meat and wholegrain mustard. Plus, the puff pastry gives the whole dish a light yet moreish finish. Think of it as a fancy sausage roll with festive flair and what's better, once baked, it will keep well for a few days in the fridge.

The TV host has a history in football, too, with regular appearances as charity matches - and also a background of hosting Sky Sports. Ben met wife Annie in Birmingham while the pair were at university.

They have been married for 18 years, having tied the knot in March 2004. The pair met while they were both students at the University of Birmingham, where Annie studied philosophy and was head of the Philosophy & Epistemology Society.

They began dating in 1995 and married after a nearly a decade together. Ben tegularly share snaps of walks they like taking together - despite the pair being fiercely private of their family life.

In 2020, on their wedding anniversary, ITV Tipping Point star Ben also penned a sweet note to his wife: "Can't quite believe another year has gone past, suddenly this one feels all the more poignant because of what’s happening.

"16 years married to @mrsannieshephard 25 years together and it's fair to say the current climate is seriously testing the strength of her feelings towards me." Ben is missing from GMB this week, as Charlotte Hawkins hosts with Judge Rob Rinder on ITV today, before Gordon Smart hosts two episodes on Thursday and Friday respectively.

My wife of 42 years went on a run and never came back after a rare aneurysm .
‘So what can be done? What next?’ I asked desperately, but I was met with grim, voiceless expressions. There was nothing that could be done. Kath was going to die. Kath and I had been together 42 years: we’d met as young lovebirds in our 20s. We’d travelled the world together, had children, and been to Disney World, her favourite place, six times and were planning to go again for her 65th birthday. © Provided by Metro Kath loved Disney (Picture: Geoffrey Shephard) We were about to live out our retirement years together.

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