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Health & Fitness: Woman told by doctors that if she didn't lose weight she'd be dead in 12 months

Weight loss drugs work best for women but diets are better for men

  Weight loss drugs work best for women but diets are better for men Researchers in Australia looked at the difference in pounds shed among overweight or obese men and women given the same appetite-suppressing drugs. While women lost around a fifth of their body weight, men taking the same drugs lost just 13 per cent, according to the University of Sydney team People willing to pay over 30% more for healthy foods, study showPeople prefer healthier products and are willing to pay more for them, a study has found.Australian researchers reviewed 15 studies conducted over the last two decades on consumer willingness to pay for healthier foods.

A woman who piled on the pounds after the birth of her children was told that if she didn’t lose weight, then she could die within a year. Fiona Foulder suffers from a rare form of asthma which makes her particularly at risk.

Called brittle asthma, she has a severe form of the condition and when she was pregnant Fiona, 39, ended up in intensive care. It got so serious she needed life support machines to keep her alive nine times.

She then discovered that because of her weight, which had ballooned after her second son arrived, she was not eligible for trial medication which she believed was her only hope. Fiona, from Southport, told the Liverpool Echo: “I got referred to Wythenshawe in Manchester which is a lung specialist unit.

How to lose weight without counting calories

  How to lose weight without counting calories Finding a weight loss method that suits your lifestyle can be difficult. Here’s how to lose weight without counting calories, according to a dietician“Counting calories can be really appealing because in a world of unknowns, it gives people a sense of control,” explains registered dietitian Laura Clark. But despite this, counting calories might not necessarily be the best way to improve your overall health and for a lot of people, it’s not a sustainable way to maintain weight loss.

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“It was said to me if I didn’t lose weight they didn’t think I’d be here in 12 months time. It was really traumatic. I think at that point in my life it was a real possibility that I wasn’t going to see my kids get to adulthood.”

After a few attempts with husband Mark, 41, to lose weight, she decided to join Slimming World, encouraged by her mother. She said: “I drove by a few times and didn’t go in. “The time I did go in I was sat in the car and my mum literally had to say ‘come on get out of the car.’

Fiona managed to lose four stone and says life has been transformed © Fiona Foulder Fiona managed to lose four stone and says life has been transformed

"When you get into the room you’re still anxious and worried, but everyone is so caring and warm you kind of think ‘I can do this’ because the support is there. I lost eight pounds in my first week so from week one I knew it was possible.”

Six weight loss myths debunked by a nutritionist

  Six weight loss myths debunked by a nutritionist Can any of these weight loss myths actually help you to lose weight?More often than not, it’s because nutrition science is not black and white, and research is still emerging in a whole load of areas. So to help cut through the confusion, we’ve spoken to Jenna Hope, registered nutritionist at Bertinet Bakery, about some of the most common weight loss myths and whether or not they’re actually true.

It proved to be a success and over the course of her time with the group she has lost four stone - going from 15st 7lbs to 11st. She now works as a Slimming World consultant and team developer.

The drugs she was initially refused were available after she managed to lose the weight - and Fiona says they had a huge impact in terms of tackling her asthma. She said: “I’ve gone from not being able to go very far because I physically couldn’t walk very far, I’d need someone to push me in a wheelchair, to living a normal life.

Fiona Foulder put on weight after having children © Fiona Foulder Fiona Foulder put on weight after having children

“I still go into hospital but I don’t do the intensive care visits, and it’s a couple of times a year rather than every month. At one point I was getting disabled living allowance because I was that poorly whereas now I’ve got a job that I love and I can do what I want. I live a normal life.”

When asked what the secret is to losing weight and keeping it off, Fiona said: “I think it’s not giving up at the first hurdle because we all have hurdles, we all have obstacles. I think it’s that guilt that you feel that sometimes stops you from moving forward. I know it sounds cliché but forgive yourself.”

Cholera overwhelms Haiti as cases, deaths spike amid crisis

  Cholera overwhelms Haiti as cases, deaths spike amid crisis PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — The sun shone down on Stanley Joliva as medical staff at an open-air clinic hovered around him, pumping air into his lungs and giving him chest compressions until he died. Nearby, his mother watched. “Only God knows my pain,” said Viliene Enfant. Less than an hour later, the body of her 22-year-old son lay on the floor wrapped in a white plastic bag with the date of his death scrawled on top. He joined dozens of other Haitians who have died from cholera during a rapidly spreading outbreak that is straining the resources of nonprofits and local hospitals in a country where fuel, water and other basic supplies are growing scarcer by the day.

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