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Health & Fitness: child from birth on paleo diet-today it looks like

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food like the cave people: the paleo diet can be completely painted and dairy. Can that be really healthy? From birth, a mother has only brought her child to "Stone Age food"-she now regularly presents the results on social media.

Bei der Paleo-Diät bilden Obst und Gemüse einen wichtigen Bestandteil der Ernährung. Das Foto wurde am 31. Mai 2022 aufgenommen. © dpa In the paleo diet, fruit and vegetables form an important part of nutrition. The photo was taken on May 31, 2022.

Shan Cooper lives with her daughter Grace in Melbourne in Australia. Even before the birth, the mother decided to feed her child according to strict rules: the Paleo Diet, also called "Stone Age Diet". The development of the now seven -year -olds is quite astonishing.

Paleo Diet: No pizza, pasta or chips-the really healthy

Shan Cooper does without grain products, dairy products, sugar and any processed food-and so she also feeds her daughter. Only meat, fish, eggs, nuts, some fruit and vegetables are on the nutrition plan.

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on her blog " " the mother regularly shares recipes and pictures of the dishes that she prepares for herself and her daughter.

The health and wellness coach assured that the dailymail assured that daughter Grace "loves" to eat like this. The mother is even convinced that her daughter never gets sick. Because even if all other children in kindergarten infected each other, Grace was always spared, Cooper continued.

see daughter Grace with her mother Shan Cooper:

Whether the Paleo diet really has such a positive effect on the immune system is not proven. According to nutritionist Ute Alexy from the University of Bonn, there is basically nothing to complain about on a diet with lots of fruit, vegetables and nuts for toddlers.

, however, can be without entire food groups such as dairy products, Alexy adds. However, there are no studies on the long-term consequences of a paleo diet in children.

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