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The '10-3-2-1 formula' for a PERFECT night's sleep

  The '10-3-2-1 formula' for a PERFECT night's sleep Two-thirds of adults in the US and UK fail to get the recommended eight hours and studies suggest the average American and Briton gets around just six hours.Two-thirds of adults in the US and UK fail to get the recommended eight hours and studies suggest the average American and Briton gets around just six.

belongs in the bed or in the apartment? At the Mühlenbeckia genus, the transitions are fluid. The creeping plant with the filigree shoots is definitely decorative.

Muehlenbeckia complexa © provided by my beautiful garden Muehlenbeckia Complexa

wire bushes is the German name of the genus, which can also be found as Mühlenbeckien . They are mainly native to New Zealand and Australia in nature, some also in Central and South America. These natural locations have one thing in common: there are rarely extreme rashes of the thermometer in relation to the minus degrees.

Because of their ability to conquer creepingly large areas, and the branches with striking, dark berons, on which sitting close to small green leaves, they are now cultivated in gardens worldwide, preferably two species with us. With regard to the soil, they are undemanding, it should only be permeable.

The side of the bed you sleep on can dictate the rest of your day

  The side of the bed you sleep on can dictate the rest of your day It turns out right-siders have a harder time.The fact that people are having trouble sleeping is nothing new. In fact, a survey of 1,500 people by British Wool found that Brits wake up at least three times a night, on average, with 48% struggling to switch their brain off due to feeling anxious about money and work.

Mühlenbeckia: So defies the winter

different the needs of the species when it comes to temperature. The carest wire smoke or black-and-credential wire smoke (Mühlenbeckia Axillaris) is considered to be the hardest. It grows in stone systems as soil cover and can withstand up to -15 degrees Celsius without any problems. The upholstery are winter green, so they also offer an appealing sight in ice and cold, for example in winter top arrangements, such as in combination with Hebe , purple bell or as a grave jewelry. The ‘Nana 'variety is only ten centimeters high, which bonsai fans like to use as a moss replacement.

, on the other hand, at temperatures just under the zero point, the wire wine or white -fruity wire smoke (Muehlenbeckia Complexa) shivered. The plant wants to be as frost -free as possible in winter, wintering at 5 to 15 degrees Celsius is possible in rooms. It is suitable in wine -growing areas and protected regions both outside as a floor cover, but also looks good as an traffic light plant in the room. Their hanging shoots can also be looped around arches or trellis. If the leaves fall off, simply cut the shoots back and wait for the new shoot.

Should you eat before bed?

  Should you eat before bed? Late night cravings are often inevitable but should you eat before bed or will it affect your health?Yet sometimes it's hard to resist the temptation of a midnight snack. You may be craving carbs after one too many drinks or looking for something to satisfy that post-dinner sweet tooth. Maybe you have a busy schedule or just find you haven’t eaten enough during the day (in which case, upping your protein intake with the best protein powder for weight loss could be a good starting point).

Plants Mill Beckie: uncomplicated ground cover The mill basin forms attractive green cushion and is considered an uncomplicated lawn replacement. Our tips for planting and maintaining Muehlenbeckia Axillaris. Experience more inside and outside: This requires the Mühlenbeckia

prerequisite for good growth: outside and inside the shrub wants to stand bright, but are spared from the hot midday sun. Warm apartments should be spared in the wire wine with wintering, because then there are liking to occur pest infestation, for example through aphids , or for the formation of horny drives. You have to ensure this in spring. It takes a while for the plant to look healthy and lush again. A high humidity strengthens vitality, so you should always fog with the water sprayer. From September at the latest, you should set the nutrient gifts outside and inside so that the plant can pass into winter rest in good time. You don't get too much nitrogen. During this time, only moderately is poured. Both types can be cut well. So where a plant is frozen back, you should take the dead shoots back and wait: there is a good chance that it will be going on again.

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