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Eat your way to Kate Middleton's complexion with just three vegetables

  Eat your way to Kate Middleton's complexion with just three vegetables KATE MIDDLETON has absolutely glowing skin. Has she done it naturally or with a few tweakments, according to an expert?Dawn told Express.co.uk: "The Duchess of Cambridge always looks flawless, despite the fact she's always on the go, being a busy mum-of-three with a whole lot on her royal plate.

  TV-Tipps am Freitag © ARD Degeto/Britta Krehl 8:15 p.m., The first, Käthe and I: Papakind, Drama

The ten-year-old Emma (Martha Haberland) lives with mother Hannah (Anna Grisebach after the divorce of her parents ) on a farm. With father Alexander (Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey), to whom she blames her for the separation, she broke. Even when he is dying with an aggressive cancer, Emma stays with her rejection. In order to fulfill Alexander's last will, Paul (Christoph Schechinger) and his therapy bitch Käthe should help Emma hold a heart to say goodbye to the hospital.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, The public prosecutor: Death Awe, Crime series

A girl is found dead in the park. Laid out. Almost loving. The victim had a witness pre -load on a procedure of their adoptive parents against the youth welfare office in Wiesbaden. The leader is said to have kept silent about the alcoholism of the biological mother during adoption. Did he murder the girl to protect his lies? When Reuther (Rainer Hunold) discovered a barren dungeon in the basement of the adoptive parents, the case takes a sharp turn.

Is your lighting attracting mosquitos? This is how your decor affects the pest

  Is your lighting attracting mosquitos? This is how your decor affects the pest From warm tones in the bedroom to white lights in the kitchen – experts explain how your fixtures influence the notorious flyIf you've already read up on how to get rid of mosquitoes, then you may know that mosquitoes don't hate any kind of light. Though, some tones are less preferred than others. Therefore, your lighting ideas matter when it comes to attracting – or deterring the infamous fly.

8:15 p.m., Arte, at his side, drama

Charlotte (Senta Berger) is overjoyed to return to Munich after many years. She put her entire life in the service of her husband's career, the stardirigent Walter Kler (Peter Simonischek). According to international engagements, he accepted the orchestra management in Munich. Charlotte had enough of the luxurious nomadic life and wished a real home. However, Walter does not seem to be so serious with the settlement. He has not yet dealt with the new phase of life.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King, Fantasy

The Battle of Middle -earth is imminent: While the hobbits Sam (Sean Astin) and Frodo (Elijah Wood) Mordor come closer and closer Friendship put to a tough test. Meanwhile, Sauronon's powerful army consisting of thousands of orcs attacks the capital of Gondor. Only a weak guide wakes up over the once powerful kingdom - it is due to Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) to face his fate to distract Sauron until Frodo has fulfilled his mission.

10:15 p.m., the first, police call 110: You should be holy !, Crime

With a young woman, a demolition of pregnancy is to be demolished in Frankfurt (Oder). But Jonas Fleischauer (Tom Gronau) feels called to save the unborn baby. He sneaks into the operating room and sneaks the baby out of your gut in the belief. Who is this Jonas? The Commissioners Olga Lenski (Maria Simon) and Adam Raczek (Lucas Gregorowicz) do everything possible to find the young man.

Five key tips to live longer and healthier in older age .
As the average UK life expectancy is 81 years old, how could you live for longer in good health?Navin Khosla, a medical expert, recommends five key tips to help improve longevity, beginning with eating plant-based foods. "Foods such as nuts, fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and other plant food are packed with nutrients and antioxidants which are essential for the body," said Khosla. "Studies have shown that a number of these foods can reduce the risks of cancer, heart disease and more, which will improve your quality of life.

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