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Home & Garden: houseplants again - with the help of banana shells

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Put houseplants again - with the help of banana shells

in banana shells are important nutrients that help our plants. Find out here how you can easily produce a liquid fertilizer.

banana shells contain important minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. And these active ingredients can have a positive effect on room or balcony plants. Namely, when it comes to picking up sagging plants again. In the event that the plant lets the leaves hang at home, the irrigation water enrich the water with the active ingredients of the banana.

liquid fertilizer from banana bowls-pour your houseplant

  Zimmerpflanzen wieder aufpäppeln – mithilfe von Bananenschalen © provided by Merkur Photo © Shothop/Imago

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The insider tip works according to garden expert Karin Greiner: For the liquid thin from banana shells, first shred the shells and cooking around a hundred grams with one Liter of water. Then let the brew steep overnight and strain the shell residues with a fine sieve the next day, according to Bayern 1. the "banana tea" now "dilute 1: 5 with water". The irrigation water for the houseplant is ready.

banana shells: Palassium and magnesium important nutrients for plants

potassium, for example, can support the transport of nutrients from the leaves to other parts of the plant, and increase the stability of plants. Magnesium is also a component in chlorophyll and essential for photosynthesis.

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coffee grounds and use for houseplants

Of course there can also be other reasons why houseplants suffer in the apartment. For example, this can be due to the wrong room temperature, the dry heating air or the light conditions. You can find out all information about care, the selection of varieties and the suitable location for houseplants here. You can also use coffee grounds and use it for your houseplants.

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