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Home & Garden: Who throws the Christmas tree the farthest?

Shortbread Mince Pies with Last-Minute Mincemeat Recipe

  Shortbread Mince Pies with Last-Minute Mincemeat Recipe The buttery pastry on these mince pies will convert any mince pie dodger. The mincemeat can be made and used immediately, no need for maturing. If you can’t find mixed peel, use extra mixed dried vine fruit instead. Yields: 12Prep Time: 30 minsProcess Time: 30 minsTotal Time: 1 hourCalories per Serving: 341IngredientsFor the mincemeat125 g mix of raisins, sultanas and currants 25 g mixed peel Finely grated zest and juice 1/2 orange 60 g soft brown sugar 1 tsp.

Why should you throw a Christmas tree far? Because you can! In this way, new records are regularly set up in Rhineland-Palatinate. Other Christmas records also deserve to be honored.

Könnten Sie einen Weihnachtsbaum mehr als sieben Meter weit werfen? Falls ja: Ab ins rheinland-pfälzische Weidenthal! Dort trifft sich alljährliche die Elite dieses - sagen wir - Sports. © Uwe Anspach/dpa could you throw a Christmas tree more than seven meters? If so: off to the Rhineland-Palatinate Weidenthal! The elite of this - let's say - sport meets there every year.

Delicious: Who has the longest of Christstollen? One could assume: Germany. After all, stollen is a typical German Christmas cookies. But puff cake. A 72 meter long colossus will be baked in the Netherlands in December 2010 - but for a German company.

fast: When it comes to falling trees, the American Erin Lavoie hardly does anything. In 2008, shortly before the festival, she made 27 Christmas trees in two minutes and thus a world record. Finally, Lavoie wins the Women's US Championship in 2022 with several wood chop disciplines.

Double Chocolate and Chestnut Sandwich Biscuits Recipe

  Double Chocolate and Chestnut Sandwich Biscuits Recipe Chestnut purée adds a wonderful, sweet nuttiness to these rich and tender biscuits. If you aren’t a fan, you can sandwich your biscuits together with buttercream instead. Yields: 12Prep Time: 30 minsProcess Time: 15 minsTotal Time: 45 minsCalories per Serving: 226IngredientsFor the biscuits125 g unsalted butter, chilled and cubed 60 g golden caster sugar150 g plain flour, plus extra to dust25 g cocoa powder, plus extra to dust (optional)For the filling100 g white chocolate, melted and cooled150 g chestnut purée, drained, we used Merchant Gourmet, see GH TIP3 tbsp.

high: The record for the highest Christmas tree is quite old. In 1950 the almost 65 meter high Douglasia was in a shopping center in Seattle, American. When it appears, it was a little tricky at the time: in the lower part, the trunk is attached by other trees, writes the Guinness Book.

warm: mild air from the Atlantic regularly ensures spring -like Christmas weather in Germany. The highest temperature measured so far on December 24th is available in Freiburg in 2012: 18.9 degrees Celsius, according to the German Weather Service. Exactly 50 years earlier, the festival is the coldest. The thermometer does not climb over freezing on Christmas Eve 1962.

tiny: With the naked eye you cannot see the mini Christmas card, as it is only two hundredths of millimeters wide and one and a half up. Map is something relative anyway: The British National Physical Laboratory uses in 2017 coated silicon nitrid - a material - and etched Christmas greetings.

'Hazardous' tree in danger of collapsing will finally be inspected

  'Hazardous' tree in danger of collapsing will finally be inspected A DYING tree that is in danger of collapsing onto a canal towpath will finally be inspected more than a month after it was first reported. Concerned residents off Wilfred Close in Worcester had raised concerns about the decaying canalside tree in September but little action was taken. The same residents had also brought the unsafe tree to the attention of Arboretum ward councillor Jenny Barnes who said that despite several warnings that the tree was in danger of collapsing and hitting somebody, she was concerned that little had been done.

huge : A gigantic luminous Christmas man from eight tons of aluminum and iron as well as more than 100,000 LED lamps crouches in the Portuguese city of Águeda in 2016. With a height of around 21 meters and 9 meters wide, he made it into the Guinness Book as a “Largest Santa”.

sporty : Who throws the Christmas tree the highest and the farthest? This question is answered every year in the Rhineland-Palatinate Weidenthal. 7.5 meters managed the best between, it says on the side of the organizing FC Wacker. Unofficial world record of men in this discipline: 10.95 meters.

sound : For many people there is nothing about white Christmas - also musically: Bing Crosby's version of «White Christmas» is considered the best -selling single worldwide with an estimated 50 million copies (until 2012), according to the Guinness Book. The super hit comes from the composer Irving Berlin.

expensive: A palace -like building needs an exclusive Christmas tree, apparently the approach. In December 2010, more than eleven million dollars is worth decorating the glittering giant fir in a hotel in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

How to avoid quarrels at Christmas .
Explore funny T-Shirt ideas on Amazon.By Barbara Forster Oh, you beautiful Christmas! It’s Christmas, the most peaceful holiday of the year. At least that’s how it should be. However, the truth often looks different. Of course, we don’t tell people that Dad almost burned down the Christmas tree and Mom banned the roast. After all, … How to avoid quarrels at Christmas Weiterlesen »By Barbara Forster

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