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Style: How to get glossy hair with glass-like shine

We Spoke To Trichologists And Here’s Their Scalp Advice For Your Healthiest Hair Ever

  We Spoke To Trichologists And Here’s Their Scalp Advice For Your Healthiest Hair Ever The scalp is just an extension of our skin, so we should treat it accordingly. Here's howWhy? In the past couple of years, haircare experts have been focusing on the scalp. Now, a new generation of sophisticated products specifically formulated to treat the skin on our heads have hit the market. Cult Beauty has noticed significant growth in the haircare category, with sales of scalp treatments up a whopping 421% year on year.

Ultra-glossy, high-shine hair has dominated the catwalks and our social media feeds this year. From Chanel's luxury version of the Nineties straightening trend, to TikTok's obsession with 'liquid hair' (see also 'glass hair'), we've collectively emerged from lockdowns with the ultimate healthy hair aspirations.

Experts explain how to get salon-worthy shine at home © Instagram - Getty Images Experts explain how to get salon-worthy shine at home

But in lieu of a personal hairstylist – or without a ring light and virtual filters – many of us struggle to achieve the level of shine comparable to the near-195k ‘#glossyhair’ posts on Instagram in our daily lives.

Best Glossy Hair Products

  Best Glossy Hair Products Get those glossy hair vibes with our ride-or-die haircare picks1.

According to a Dove study, 58 per cent of us are on a constant quest to combat, dull dry hair. Hard water, pollution and heat styling can all compromise our hair’s texture, and its ability to reflect the light. While colouring the hair can leave it with temporary shine, often with chemical processing the porosity of the hair increases, robbing its vitality.

There are, however, easy ways to get glossier hair that helps boost its health in the process. Here the experts help explain how.

straight hair trend 2021 © Getty Images straight hair trend 2021

In salon

A guaranteed way to get glossier hair is with a professional toner, as expert colour technician Zoe Adams explains.

"Toners don't just add colour to the hair. Acid-based toners can add shine to natural hair and won't affect the colour. By reflecting the light, this gives hair a super glossy varnish-like effect which we call 'glossing'."

The best curl creams to buy in 2021

  The best curl creams to buy in 2021 Define your curls with softness, not stiffness If you’re wearing your curly or wavy hair in its natural pattern, chances are you need something to help define the curls and hold them in place. Gels and mousses may do the job of defining shape but can tend to give a rather crisp finish; for defined structure that still allows natural bounce and movement, a curl cream (or creme) is a great alternative. Lighter than a wax, thicker than a serum and softer than a gel, curl creams are usually formulated with hydrating ingredients to help encourage curls and tame frizz while holding the hair softly in place.

Ask in salons for a Redken Shades EQ hair gloss. After an initial consultation, your hairstylist will create a custom gloss for you which works in 15 minutes. Think of this as being like a lip gloss for the hair (clear or otherwise): it boosts the condition while adding shine.

In our experience it makes a very noticeable difference to the shine and softness of your hair for up to a month.

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If frizz and kinks or fluffiness are a concern for you, try a keratin smoothing treatment. Often called a Brazilian Blow Dry, using a chemical formula which, when heat-activated, reacts with the amino acids in your hair, new bonds are formed to keep your style sleek for up to three months.

We recommend the Permanent Blow Dry by independent London salon chain Hershesons, a gentle version of the treatment that won't cause the kind of damage you'd experience with a traditional one.

This Game-Changing Hair Drying Tool Broke The Internet – And Today, It's Almost Half Price

  This Game-Changing Hair Drying Tool Broke The Internet – And Today, It's Almost Half Price The easiest blowdry of your lifeBut for naturally curly haired women, the search for the perfect, smoothing styling tool - you know, the kind that might take you from frizzy poodle to blown-out Lassie - has become something like the quest for the golden fleece. A one-step device is an incredibly rare gem.

Suitable for fine and thick hair types, it leaves the texture significantly smoother, ergo easier to reflect the light.

Met Gala 2019 best dressed © Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images Met Gala 2019 best dressed

At home

Forget styling products for a moment: shine starts in the shower.

To help offset pollution and build-up of styling products, use a clarifying shampoo once a week. The Larry King Hair Care City Life shampoo gently cuts through the likes of chlorine, hard water minerals, and styling residue. As it's formulated for colour-treated hair it’ll help prevent colour change or fade.

With any shampoo and condoner, rinsing the hair thoroughly will help not only keep your scalp healthy but maximise its shine. Hairstylist Adam Reed tells us, “when you’ve think you’ve rinsed your hair well enough, rinse it for one minute more”.

gettyimages-1131037911 © Rosdiana Ciaravolo - Getty Images gettyimages-1131037911

For a real boost, an at-home gloss will change the game. Try the Josh Wood Gloss, which you apply like a deep conditioning treatment, leaving it on for 20 minutes before washing off.

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  The Best Hair Clippers You Can Buy This Black Friday 2021, Tried and Tested by Experts The best hair clipper deals this Black Friday.Then, a turning point. The at-home haircuts began to improve. Partners across the land gained confidence and even those of us who had to do the job ourselves were pulling it out of the bag. Two important things made that process a whole lot easier: online guides, and professional quality hair clippers. We've got you covered for both.

Wood explains: “I designed this semi-permanent treatment gloss to condition as it colours – to leave hair shiny, healthy and bouncy.” We can confirm it works.

The 10 varieties won’t actually colour your hair but maximise time between colour appointments and subtly cool down or warm up your shade, whether it’s chemically coloured or not.

When it comes to heat styling, remember not to overlook the long-term health of your hair for short-term gain. Arm yourself with premium heat protection and high-tech tools, as stylist Michelle Thompson advises: “I always opt for the GHD Bodyguard heat protector spray, which leaves the hair feeling silky smooth without a sticky residue.” She follows with the GHD Platinum+ styler, explaining “the irons straighten and smooth the hair without compromising the health and condition”.

Finally, for an instant boost – and to really amplify the results of a glossing treatment – reach for a new generation shine spray. The Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Sparkler Shine Spray, used backstage at this season's London Fashion Week, grants a filter-worthy sheen that won’t weigh hair down.

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