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Style: Best Under Armour Golf Shoes

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Best Under Armour Golf Shoes

under-armour-Spieth-5-sl-shoe © Provided by Golf Monthly under-armour-Spieth-5-sl-shoe

Under Armour is one of the biggest apparel brands in golf and regularly lead the way when it comes to implementing cutting-edge technology into not only golf shoes but apparel too.

Acknowledging that, it should come as no surprise to you that we think the company makes some of the best golf shoes in the business, why else would a superstar like Jordan Spieth wear them after all? He is not the kind of player to compromise in any part of his equipment setup let alone his shoes.

From high-traction, Gore-Tex premium performance models to lightweight, spikeless options, the brand has your footwear needs covered.

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To help you choose which option is best for you, we've listed the best Under Armour golf shoes.

Alternatively if Under Armour is not your thing, we have also created guides on the best FootJoy golf shoes too because they are frequently seen out on Tour.

Best Under Armour Golf Shoes

This is the fifth iteration of Under Armour’s signature shoe designed with insights from Jordan Spieth himself as well as leading biomechanist JJ Rivet to unlock new levels of performance and comfort.

The main new design feature to talk about is a 4th dimension of traction called internal traction. This takes the form of a 3D footbed that also wraps over the inside and top of the foot which helps create a unique fit that is tailored to your foot shape. In our testing we thought it felt a little strange at first but once we got used to it there was renewed confidence and comfort. The HOVR midsole also plays a key role in the comfort as well. Is it any surprise these also made our most comfortable golf shoes guide then?

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The grip impressed us too. In fact, levels of traction seemed to be close to that of some cleated shoes because the Spieth 5 SL has firmer TPU nubs for ground penetration and softer rubber nubs in key areas to create friction.

There doesn’t appear to be any trade off by going spikeless and the unique insole certainly enhances the connection you have with the shoe and the ground to boost power potential.

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Sitting just below the Spieth 5 is the HOVR Drive and the first thing we noticed was that it is a really good looking shoe. The classic white with the silver trim is really classy and will go with pretty much any outfit.

It features new, lower profile Rotational Resistance spikes (RST 2.0) that maximise traction and provide all-day comfort. It also has a breathable Clarino microfibre upper which is both lightweight and waterproof to keep your feet cool and dry at all times.

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Inside the shoe, HOVR technology supports the biomechanics of the golf swing while delivering soft, but responsive underfoot cushioning.

Overall we thought the Under Armour HOVR Drive is a very classic golf shoe in terms of looks, feel and performance, with some nice added technologies

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Next up in the HOVR range is the Forge RC SL. In our testing we loved the modern aesthetic of the shoe with the grey and orange colour really popping well together.

The comfort here is key though. Thanks to the HOVR cushioning, this shoe supports the natural motion of the foot and provides a soft underfoot feel. It also moulds to your foot, thanks to a compression mesh.

We love the low profile feel and the soft feeling underfoot stays the same, round after round. It provides a spring in your step when walking while also helping you stay grounded for longer during the swing.

As far as grip and stability goes, the shoe coped well with uneven lies primarily because of the Rotational Resistance outsole.

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Updated for 2021 is the HOVR Show shoe. The previous generation made it into our Editors Choice List for 2020 so the new model had a lot to live up to.

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We are pleased to announce Under Armour has found a few ways to improve it, starting with the updated aesthetics. The silver finish towards the heel gives a really premium look as does the effect in the middle of the shoe, although this graphic does make them slightly harder to clean.

From a performance standpoint, as you would expect from the name, HOVR technology is involved which seeks to give a 'zero gravity feel'. We are unsure what zero gravity is supposed to feel like but they do feel very comfortable especially when we were out on the golf course all day.

The upper is made from a breathable, Clarino microfibre which is waterproof too, making these ideal shoes to use all year round. The shoe also features Rotational Resistance spikeless outsole for lockdown traction & on-course flexibility.

Sporty and versatile, the HOVR Show SL is one of the best Under Armour shoes money can buy.

If you want to go down the fully-knit upper route then this Knit model is the one for you. Admittedly the design is a bit of a Marmite situation, with many loving it and many not so much. But what cannot be denied is that Under Armour has made a truly unique shoe not only from an aesthetic point of view but in terms of performance too.

The upper gives a sock-like fit and feel, and it has been treated in a couple of ways to ensure comfort. First it has Never-Wet treatment to keep you cool and dry, and the sockliner is also made from an anti-microbial Ortholite fabric which provides a lovely feel and breathability.

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We won't rabble on about the HOVR cushioning again but it is doing its work here, as is the Rotational Resistance outsole for lockdown traction.

One minor complaint is that only one colour is available but we were fans of the white and black finish so it was not a massive issue.

Another spikeless model that performed well for us was the HOVR Fade design above. A model that also featured in our guide on the best golf shoes for walking, there are several pieces of technology here designed to give a serene walking experience.

First let's mention the microfibre upper which is lightweight and waterproof which make it ideal for most conditions out on the golf course. It is also breathable and not restricting which can be an issue with golf shoes sometimes.

The HOVR technology also makes these very easy and comfortable to walk in as the compression mesh energy web moulds to each foot.

In 2021 Under Armour added a couple of new colours too which is an added bonus.

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A model that comes in at a lower price point than others on this list, the Charged Draw is new for 2021 and seeks to give a sporty shoe with top performance.

What differentiates it is the new Charged Cushioning located in the midsole which provides comfort after each step. This has also been combined with the moulded EVA footbed to create a very comfortable shoe.

It has an engineered microfibre waterproof upper to ensure world-class performance even in the toughest golfing conditions, preventing water from entering the shoe, but allowing perspiration to escape. The upper material has a lightweight feel which reduced the overall weight of the golf shoe as well.

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From a looks perspective there is not that much going on, which many golfers will prefer. So if you are after a simple, good performing golf shoe then the Charged Draw is definitely one to consider.

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This Draw Sport Spikeless model also has Charged Cushioning which gives a comfortable feel.

The upper is then made from a microfiber with Never-Wet treatment that helps keep you dry all year round, backed up with a 1 year waterproof guarantee.

What really separates this from the Charged Draw model above is the versatility on offer because the spikeless design means you can realistically use these seamlessly from the course to the concrete too. The shoe features a Rotational Resistance spikeless outsole for lockdown traction & on-course flexibility.

Although that being said there will be some who prefer the extra stability and traction provided by the spikes on the Charged Draw shoe.

The Spieth 4 GTX shoe was designed with the help of three-time Major winner Jordan Spieth. It starts with foot stabilisation and ground contact that form the foundation of an effective golf swing and with Under Armour’s traction technology in the shoe, golfers are now able to get more power and accuracy out of each shot.

In fact we tested the shoe on special force plates against multiple competitors of differing styles and the Spieth 4 GTX regularly came out on top in terms of generating the most vertical ground force and then also being able to convert that into additional club speed and distance.

With the plastic heel section the weight has increased to just under 400g, so it might not offer that super lightweight feel some golfers desire, but we didn’t think they felt overly cumbersome.

Finally grip and stability is top-notch here as are the looks. It is also fully waterproof thanks to the Gore-Tex technology.

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Featuring HOVR technology for comfort and stability, RST 2.0 spikes for grip and a two-year waterproof guarantee, the HOVR Matchplay shoe is a quality, stylish and popular model.

Overall it offers up superb performance at a price point below the company's premium models.

If you enjoyed this guide on the best Under Armour golf shoes then check the Golf Monthly website where have have done a lot more shoe guides, like the best adidas golf shoes, or best Nike golf shoes for example.

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