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Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

eco biom h4 golf shoes, ecco golf shoe on grass © Provided by Golf Monthly eco biom h4 golf shoes, ecco golf shoe on grass

When playing outside of the summer months, courses tend to be wet underfoot and you're bound to be caught in a shower or two.

Needless to say, getting the best golf shoes possible is imperative, especially when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

To help you stay comfortable and play better golf, a sturdy pair of the best waterproof golf shoes will keep your feet warm in all conditions.

Traditionally, you'd opt for a cleated or spiked shoe during the winter months but technologies have come on so far now that the best spikeless golf shoes can offer serious stability too.

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There's plenty of technology available to keep your feet dry, comfortable and stable, and there's a wide range of styling out there for you to find your favourite pair.

We also think you should check out our guides to the best golf shoes for winter or the best golf waterproofs so you can be best prepared for the cold, wind and rain on the golf course.

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

Spikeless Models

Three years on from its previous Biom Hybrid release, Ecco has given us the Biom H4 and what a shoe it is. Of course, it is on this list because the leather upper is waterproof thanks to the GORE-TEX membrane, but it comes packed with so much performance.

Among a great many other things, what we really like about this shoe is that it retains its breathability while ensuring your feet remain completely dry. A lot of models are guilty of being a little stuffy in this regard.

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Elsewhere, there is a tremendous amount of comfort provided and loads of grip and traction, making the Ecco Biom H4 one of the best shoes we’ve ever tested.

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FootJoy's Pro/SLs are one of the most popular golf shoes on the planet, being worn by amateurs and pros alike on both the PGA and European Tours. This is the second generation and it's easy to see why it's been such a hit.

Made with ChromoSkin Leather, the upper is lightweight, durable and, most importantly, waterproof and even comes with a one-year guarantee.

Additionally, it is easily one of the best looking shoes out there and offers plenty of grip and stability thanks to the extra perimeter stability.

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Not only is this shoe fully waterproof, but it also comes with Duca del Cosma’s first fully recyclable outsole, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to producing products that are eco-friendly.

Best Golf Sneakers

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As always, we were really impressed with how well made this shoe was – you can genuinely smell the quality of it when you open the box.

Additionally, the traction nubs provide a good level of grip and stability for a spikeless offering.

The style may have taken some getting used to but we really enjoyed testing this lightweight and waterproof shoe, and would recommend it to those looking to break the mould.

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This stylish new offering from Puma features a microfibre upper that is both breathable and waterproof, coming with a one-year warranty.

Elsewhere, an all-new Fasten8 fit system, which consists of eight interior webbing support straps that are integrated into the lacing, delivers a secure and personalised fit for golfers with a variety of foot shapes and sizes.

Another thing we liked was how well Puma’s Ignite Foam midsole did its job.

At no point during testing did our feet feel heavy or sweaty and there aren't many greater shoe-related compliments that can be given. Traction comes from the Pro-Form TPU outsole that features an organically altered traction pattern for maximum stability.

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Mizuno is a huge player in the shoe department but isn't as well-known for its golf shoes. However, this doesn't mean its products lack quality. This spikeless model features Wave Running Technology for support, and a premium soft-touch Kuraray upper is breathable and fully waterproof.

We love the comfort available on offer here, to the extent that we think the Wave Cadence is one of the most comfortable golf shoes on sale at the moment.

With the support of a running shoe and the traction and stability needed to swing flat out from any position, this is a superb option for those who want to spend a little less on a golf shoe this year.

The two-year waterproof warranty is an added bonus, too.

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Adidas' Tour 360 XT SL shoes are some of the most comfortable on the market thanks to the brand's Boost technology, which really does help to cushion the foot.

They may be spikeless but they're also extremely grippy thanks to X-Traxion primary lugs and plenty of other technologies including the 360Wrap, which locks in and supports the foot.

One of the best adidas golf shoes in the current range, these shoes are breathable yet fully waterproof and come with a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. A final thing we really like about this shoe is that a wide-fitting option is also available.

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G/Fore make some very cool products and none more so than the Gallivanter shoes. They're made with 100 per cent waterproof pebble full-grain leather and are grippy thanks to a bespoke cleat design for optimal on-course traction.

In testing, we also enjoyed the triple density foam cushion footbed as it really kept our feet comfortable from the get-go, while airflow could still enter.

The one point we would make is that it is quite a narrow shoe so won't suit those with wide feet.

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Spiked Models

Adidas put a lot into this shoe and it shows in the end product. In the ZG21, the brand has created one of the lightest and most performance-packed products we've ever tested. For that reason, it is also one of the best waterproof shoes on the market today.

As with any adidas shoe, it is really comfortable and this is down to the renowned Boost technology and new Lightstrike cushioning.

Although spiked, this combination makes it a breeze to walk the fairways in. The four-layer upper is fully waterproof which we put to the test over several rounds without disappointment.

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There really is a lot to like about the Charged Draw RST shoe from Under Armour. First and foremost, it’s waterproof, obviously, but it also offers incredible value for money.

As well as delivering protection from the elements, it features Rotational Resistance spikes that do exactly what you’d expect.

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Throughout testing, we never encountered a lie this shoe couldn’t help us escape from. In addition, it’s also reasonably breathable and comfortable thanks to the cushioned midsole, while those with wide feet will also feel at home in a pair of these.

The styling is quite basic, but all things considered, this is an absolute bargain.

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One of the best Nike golf shoes on the market, the Roshe Tour is a cleated waterproof shoe and a past favourite of Rory McIlroy.

It features a microfibre synthetic upper for a premium look and soft feel, and comes with a one-year waterproof warranty when you buy.

Additionally, we found the comfort and stability to be more than ample to sustain us for an entire round, even when well off the beaten track. If you're a Nike fan, you'll love these.

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The latest in Under Armour’s HOVR line, this shoe features a Clarino microfibre upper which is both lightweight and waterproof.

Additionally, we found the brand’s excellent low-profile Rotational Resistance spikes really optimised the traction and grip during testing.

Another great thing about this brand is the variety of products they produce.

In some, like the Spieth 4s, ultimate performance was at the forefront of the design process, whereas here we have a true all-rounder. That means there is also bags of comfort underfoot and support while walking, a key attribute for the majority of golfers in the market for a fresh pair of kicks.

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Building on the success of the Go Golf range, the Pro 4 Legacy shoe from Skechers has protection from the elements covered thanks to the H2GO waterproof technology.

Come rain or shine, you can take to the course knowing you've at least got everything covered when it comes to your feet.

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Not only that but it's made by Skechers, so it's incredibly comfortable.

In the Pro 4 Legacy, that comes from the ‘Ultra Flight’ cushioning and Resamax insoles, which creates a comfortable fit and loads of responsiveness underfoot.

There's also a good amount of grip provided by a dynamic diamond traction plate and replaceable Softspikes cleats.

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Another model to make this list is the Stuburt PCT II. Offering excellent value for money, (you can usually find a pair for less than £60), the shoe has Stuburt's DRI-back technology at the heart of the design to keep your feet dry and you also get a one-year waterproof guarantee as well.

The styling is certainly sporty and the spiked outsole gave good grip and traction too.

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How we test golf shoes

When it comes to testing golf shoes Golf Monthly has a strong testing procedure that revolves around putting them to the test over a number of rounds and in a variety of different conditions.

This is especially important when trying to find the best waterproof golf shoes because that way we can obviously test how waterproof the shoes are, as well as testing for things like grip, stability, durability, and traction. We do this by just playing the game because we undoubtedly put ourselves in odd positions and stances during each round. We often get caught in the odd shower too.

That being said before testing we will usually attend product launches and meet with the manufacturer’s R&D experts to understand the new technology. That isn’t to say manufacturers can buy a good review though, because we tell it how it is for all golf product reviews, not just golf shoes.

What to consider when buying the best waterproof golf shoes

What factors should you consider when trying to find the best waterproof golf shoe for you? Let's take a look.

Waterproofing – Obviously, in this section of the golf shoe market, waterproofing is the most important factor. Most golf shoes these days offer waterproof protection but some, like the models above, are better than others. As such be sure to take an in-depth look at golf shoe specifications to see if the brand says a shoe is 100% waterproof, or just water-resistant. Also it is worth checking if a model has a waterproof guarantee or warranty as well.

Comfort – As you would expect, comfort is also an important factor here. Golf shoes regardless of conditions or weather must be comfortable, with most models these days having specific foam technologies, or specific sole designs that are designed to house your feet in comfort all day when out on the golf course.

Grip/Stability/Traction – Given how slippery and difficult conditions can be in the wet, your golf shoes have to be able to perform in terms of stability and grip too. If your feet are slipping on the ground then chances are you won't hit a good shot, or you wont have the confidence to commit to a golf shot in the first place. As such be aware of what research brands have done into traction patterns, lugs and spikes on the golf shoes so you know which models will make sure your feet don't slip.

Looks – This is entirely subjective but you need to make sure you like the look of your golf shoes and there is a model above for all different types of fashion sense.

Price – The last factor to consider is price. With most of the models above there are designs at different price points so simply go for a design with a price you are happy to commit to.

If you enjoyed this guide to the best waterproof golf shoes, check out the Golf Monthly website for more buying advice content.

Under Armour HOVR Apex 3 review: A versatile premium all-rounder .
The Under Armour HOVR Apex 3 is a versatile workout shoe providing support and comfort no matter what you like to doThis means it’s not always easy to know which of Under Armour’s workout shoes are catered best to your needs. But if you’re looking for a trainer that can give you the support you need across most types of workouts, you’re looking at the brand’s HOVR Apex range, consistently one of our Best Cross Training Shoes.

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