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Style: More space in the wardrobe: This special folding technology makes it possible

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You have already remedied generously and still not enough space in the wardrobe? With a special folding technology, this can be changed in a flash

Gefaltete Klamotten nach der Konmari-Methode ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto folded clothes according to the KonMari method iStockphoto

Normally the laundry is folded, placed on a pile and then cleared in the cabinet - that looks neatly, really space-saving is that but not. It comes as it has to come and the wardrobe is full. You believe now, you either need a second wardrobe or simply sort out? Funding. With this simple, slightly different folding technology you save space in the wardrobe:

This special folding technology goes back to the Japanese book author and cleanup expert Marie Kondo and is also called the "Konmari Method". Their principle is to stack any clothing as usual, but to wrinkle in small packages that place vertically.

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Tip: Marie Kondo recommends sorting the folded clothes packets in the wardrobe in special storage boxes. This not only gives the cabinet a particularly neat look, but also makes it clear!

This folding technology does not only work for T-shirts, but for any garments: sweaters, tops, scarves and even pants. Pants and leggings are folded as follows:

spread the pants on a smooth surface and fold as usual once in half, so that the trouser legs are then folding the pants once in length. Make sure that trouser legs do not complete with the waistband The upper, protruding third, the trouser collar, in the middle fold finally the pants again fold again in the middle and the parcel is ready and can be cleared in a storage box

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