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According to the United Nations, we're currently set to have more plastic in our oceans than fish by the year 2025. And the beauty industry is one of the biggest contributors.

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Everything from non-recyclable plastic packaging to cellophane wrapping, foundation pumps, mascara wands, toothbrushes and more is part of the 120 billion units of plastic waste caused by our beauty products every year - that's enough plastic in our ocean to be seen from space.

Being more environmentally conscious has never been higher on our agendas. Even making a handful of sustainable swaps to refillable products, natural and organic beauty brands and zero-waste cosmetics will help to reduce your impact on the earth.

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Looking to give your beauty cabinet an eco-friendly overhaul, but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place. Scroll on for our must-have list of Amazon beauty buys sustainable shoppers swear by - but don't forget to use up your current products first!

Best eco-friendly beauty products

Face Halo

face-halo © Provided by Hello! face-halo

Face Halo "Pro", £11.40, Amazon


The holy grail of makeup removers, the Face Halo is a total gamechanger when it comes to limiting your carbon footprint. The plush microfibers gently lift makeup from deep within your pores so everything from foundation and blush to eyeshadow and mascara is removed with nothing but water - goodbye micellar water and single-use cotton pads! Each pad can be reused and washed up to 200 times, saving you money and limiting your need to use throwaway makeup remover pads.

Amazon shoppers praise this £3.60 spray as a ‘life saver' for hay fever

  Amazon shoppers praise this £3.60 spray as a ‘life saver' for hay fever HAY FEVER symptoms can be incredibly irritating to everyday life and the summer season makes it even more prevalent. However, Amazon shoppers have claimed to have found an incredible product that is a true lifesaver for hay fever.According to research from Holland & Barrett, searches for 'hay fever' rose by 250 percent in June, showing that it's been a common issue for many this summer.

Top review: "I was very sceptical of this product, but when I used it for the first time, I was amazed! No more cleansing cream or cotton wool. This magic little product removes my makeup with just water alone. Wow! I will never use a cleanser again."

Biodegradable Dermaplaning Razors

dermaplane-razors © Provided by Hello! dermaplane-razors

Biodegradable Razors, £7.16, Amazon


These eco-friendly dermaplaning razors naturally decompose over time due to being made from biodegradable wheat straw, and they also come in zero-waste plastic-free packaging. Win, win! Rember that if you're into dermaplaning at home (exfoliating and removing hair with a gentle blade) you should always do so with caution.

Top review: "I love these razors! Really appreciate the eco-friendly approach. I just did my eyebrows and lips and my skin feels great after. The razor is sharp enough to pick the smallest hair without causing injury. Very well-made product."

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Faith in Nature Shampoo Bar

faith-in-nature © Provided by Hello! faith-in-nature

Faith in Nature Shampoo Bar, £4.35, Amazon


As the name suggests, Faith in Nature's shampoo bar offers a more sustainable, eco-friendly alternative for reducing waste when washing your hair. Not only is the packaging 100% recyclable, but the bar boasts a 99% natural ingredient list and all-natural fragrance - and users claim one bar lasts much longer than a normal shampoo bottle, too.

Top review: "Just used it on my hair today, and I’m seriously impressed! I was sceptical that a shampoo bar could get my hair as clean as regular liquid shampoo, but I’m following the curly girl method and wanted a shampoo that had no sulphites, silicones or other nasties. Some people can go without shampoo, but my hair needs it. This shampoo bar seems about as close as I could get to being harmless to my hair. I have no reason to go back to using other shampoos, and feel so much better in the knowledge that I’m decreasing my plastic consumption, even if only by a little."

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Johnson's Baby launches new eco-refills on family favourites that's only 2p per wash

  Johnson's Baby launches new eco-refills on family favourites that's only 2p per wash JOHNSON'S BABY is helping parents save money on everyday toiletries with the launch of its newest eco baby range. Ideal for upcoming summer staycations and topping up existing bottles, find out where to buy the new affordable solutions.Johnson's is one of the UK's most well known baby care brand and a go-to for everyday products including shampoo, body wash and more.

Mascara is brilliant but if you really want to get the most out of your eyelashes, an eyelash curler is where the magic really happens. If you're unfamiliar with using an eyelash curler we wouldn't blame you for being a little bit put off by the sight of them. What are eyelash curlers?Often made of metal, the clever little contraptions can look pretty terrifying to use – let alone clamp your eyelashes between! But, when used before mascara, they have an amazing ability to curl and lift your lashes to new heights – giving the illusion of much longer, thicker and va-va-voomy eyelashes. Then, once locked in place with mascara, your lashes will hold their curl and lift for much longer and your eyes will appear much more 'wide awake' looking, which is the key thing really, isn't it? So whether you're in the market for a new curler or are a complete novice and looking for the best eyelash curler ever – we've rounded up our pick of the very best, no matter what your eye shape or size is. How to use eyelash curlersBut, before we dive into the good stuff, a quick 101 explainer of how to use eyelash curlers to achieve the best looking result. Eyelash curlers work best on clean, dry lashes – pre mascara. Hold the eyelash curler up to your eye and gently clamp the two plates together at the root of your lashes. Hold the curler shut for 20-30 seconds. Repeat this step with the middle portion of the lashes and finally, the ends – curling your lashes in three steps will give you a much softer, lifted curl. Et voila! Finish with mascara and get ready to wow.

Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant

salt-of-the-earth © Provided by Hello! salt-of-the-earth

Salt of the Earth Deodorant Crystal, £5.09, Amazon


This all-natural deodorant crystal creates an invisible antibacterial layer on the skin’s surface that inhibits the growth of bacteria, preventing body odour. The result is effective, long-lasting protection that allows your skin to breathe. It's super efficient when applied to wet skin, lasting for several months and skipping the need for aerosols or plastic-wrapped deodorant balms.

Top review: "I love this deodorant. When used properly, it keeps me totally odour free all day no matter what I am doing or how hot the weather is. So much healthier and more comfortable than the roll on deodorant that I used to use."

Waken Toothpaste

waken-toothpaste © Provided by Hello! waken-toothpaste

Waken Toothpaste, £2.66, Amazon


Waken's dental toothpaste provides all the benefits of your usual toothpaste, but with SLS-free ingredients and natural botanical extracts that don't cost the earth. Better yet, this sustainable toothpaste packaging includes a tube made from recycled aluminium that can be recycled endlessly when you’re done with it.

Top review: "Such a win for the planet and we love this product! Been buying this toothpaste for a year now and couldn’t go back to the plastic alts."

Women's Health Lab: How we put products to the test in real-world and lab conditions

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UpCircle Facial Oil

upcircle-facial-oil © Provided by Hello! upcircle-facial-oil

UpCircle Organic Facial Oil, £15, Amazon


Finding sustainable beauty products with natural ingredients that *actually* work can be a minefield - but not for UpCircle. This game-changing brand harbour the benefits of coffee grounds and antioxidant-rich fruit stones to make skin-loving products. Yes, really! With 20% off when you return your pots to be refilled, their gorgeous scented beauty products make sense for your skin, your wallet and, of course, the planet.

This Coffee facial oil is packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals, helps delay the signs of ageing. Also balances skin tone and reduces scarring and pigmentation.

Top review: "This serum is fabulous. A small amount goes a long way, so will last a long time, and when on the skin absorbs well, just give it a minute or so. It doesn’t leave a greasy surface of feel on the skin and leaves a lovely dewy sheen, I use it with the moisturiser, and even using both products it’s not heavy on the skin and doesn’t clog pores."

Alter/Native Conditioner Bar

altner-native-bar © Provided by Hello! altner-native-bar

Alter/Native Conditioner Bar, £6.50, Amazon


Alter/Native Coconut and argon hair conditioner bar is a richly moisturising and deeply nourishing soap for healthy, shiny hair. Cruelty-free and zero-waste, this conditioner bar is made with essential oils of coconut and argon with ylang ylang to keep your hair smooth and shiny.

Top review: "Absolutely love this. I've been using bar conditioner for years now and this has completely blown all others out of the water. It lathers up so so well (better than any I have tried before), smells amazing and leaves my hair so soft and shiny."

The best shampoo bars for an eco-friendly wash and soft strands

  The best shampoo bars for an eco-friendly wash and soft strands Lather up! Our beauty team has tested the best shampoo bars that care for your hair as well as the environmentWe know that climate change is a serious problem and pollution is having a detrimental effect on the environment. That's why swapping to an eco friendly beauty routine including a plastic-free shampoo-conditioner alternative a great way forward. But if you think they're an inferior product compared to the best shampoo and conditioners you're very much mistaken. "Formulations have come on leaps and bounds in the last decade," says Brianne West, founder and CEO of Ethique.

Bamboo Reusable Pads

bamboo-cotton-pads © Provided by Hello! bamboo-cotton-pads

Bamboo Reusable Cotton Pads, £8.50, Amazon


Conventional cotton pads are a disaster for the environment. Cotton requires a massive amount of fertilisers, pesticides and water use before it lands in our beauty cabinets. If you need to apply products like toner or AHA's with a facial pad, reduce your daily waste by switching to reusables.

Top review: "Want to try little things to save the environment? This is one of those little things! I was somewhat sceptical. When I got these I was SO happy that they lived up to their promise. In fact, I only use 10 and am saving the others for when these wear out, which won't be anytime soon."

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Bar

cera-ve © Provided by Hello! cera-ve

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Bar, £10.79, Amazon


Cult brand CeraVe was hailed as skincare royalty after going viral on TikTok last year for its highly effective, dermatologically endorsed ingredients and impressive results. Behold, the same CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, minus the plastic packaging. The reviews speak for themselves, really.

Top review: "I was using the pump hydrating cleanser but felt like it didn’t last very long as I wanted something for all over (face, body and hair). This is perfect and hasn’t caused any irritation. It’s not drying at all and cleans perfectly. Get the oil off your skin a lot better than the pump cleanser which is a tad bit too mild when doing oil cleanse etc. Would recommend."

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