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Style: Creative ways to repurpose mismatched socks

Room color ideas – 32 masterclass lessons in choosing a clever color scheme

  Room color ideas – 32 masterclass lessons in choosing a clever color scheme If you are browsing room color ideas, you need to start with the theory – here, experts share their wisdom around decorating with color'Choosing color is one of the hardest parts of decorating because we only actually know the true color of something because it’s sitting next to another color,' says Rachel Chudley, an interior designer renowned for her use of strong color.

A range of Twisted Sister cosmetics and candles has been launched.

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The new merch, described as a "brash and unique colour cosmetic collection", comes from Rock and Roll Beauty, the company who launched a line of Def Leppard cosmetics and candles in June, and followed it with a range of Ozzy Osbourne-branded products in October.

"The stars of this line are the Twisted Sister logo eye shadow palette, lip kit, three-pack eye liner, and blush palette featuring bold colours and metallic shades," say the manufacturers, clearly keen to dominate whatever market there is for cosmetic purchases inspired by celebrated rock stars. "To help set the stage, the collection also includes cosmetic bags, a mirror, candles, and nail decals. All products are specially designed to create a glam look that screams, 'you can't stop rock 'n' roll.'"

Bake Off's Janusz explains hidden meaning in his outfits

  Bake Off's Janusz explains hidden meaning in his outfits Did you spot it?

Indeed. And there's even an I Wanna Rock cosmetics bag.

In case you're wondering what else is available along these unlikely lines, the company also launched a range of Jimi Hendrix-inspired products in April, "for Foxey Ladies everywhere."

"The limited-edition collection exudes a 60s vibe with his signature song Purple Haze taking centre stage in the creation of the line," explained the promotional blurb. "The 'Hey Baby' artistry palette soothes and babies you with smooth blendable shades combining richly pigmented buttery mattes with soft lustrous satins, and shimmers for a look that's definitely out of sight."

If you're not already reaching for your wallet, they add, "The 'Foxy Lady' matte lip duos offer three fiery colours with a long-wearing comfortable matte liquid lipstick, perfectly paired with a complimentary defining lip liner."

All these products are available from Rock and Roll Beauty in the US and from Revolution Beauty internationally.

Woman on plane wakes up to a kid drawing on her socks - but people slam her for no shoes .
A woman has been slammed for taking her shoes off and putting them on an armrest on a plane after complaining a child had drawn on her socks while she had been asleepOne woman didn't expect to be the entertainment herself when she realised her sock had been used as a canvas while she was asleep.

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